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Your 2017 Pediatric Board Review Books – A Sneak Peek

Your 2017 Pediatric Board Review PREVIEW Is Here!


Pediatric Board Review Ultimate Study GuideUnlike other board review courses, the PBR's Core Study Guide gets corrected and updated EVERY year. Many of the corrections and clarifications of the 2016 edition are are made available to the PBR community (below), and they allow members to have a more secure pediatric board review experience.

For anyone who is about to start studying for next year, or for anyone thinking about which board review resource to get for the MOC exam, this serves as a great sneak peak into the 2017 edition.

In this article, you will:

  • Get a preview of the most EFFICIENT 2017 pediatric board review course available
  • Get a great review of several excellent and high-yield topics
  • Get a FREE MP3 Audio Chapter from PBR
  • Get 50 FREE High-Yield Images from PBR
  • Get a FREE Test-Taking Strategies Video Training Session
  • Get the opportunity to PREORDER the 2017 edition books for 50% off of the value of the Ultimate Bundle Pack or 82% OFF of the LIFETIME package called “PBR FOR LIFE!” Please note that the PBR FOR LIFE! package is NOT available through the PBR catalog, so this is a SPECIAL opportunity!


Every year I like to go through all PBR error submission and send corrections to PBR members before the initial certification exam. It’s an EXTREMELY time consuming task (takes several full days), but I believe it’s worth it.

If you have followed THE PBR EFFICIENCY BLUEPRINTthe information in this guide SHOULD NOT make or break your test experience. However, several test-takers have previously said that they enjoyed reading our “Corrections & Clarifications Guide” because the review allowed them to correctly answer several questions that came up on the exam. With the 2016 Initial Certification exam just around the corner, this guide was first sent out to all PBR members, and now it's being made available to you, too!

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