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Should I Be Reading Pediatrics In Review?

What is Pediatrics In Review?

Pediatrics In Review is a journal created by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It's also sometimes called Peds In Review. The primary purpose of the journal is to provide monthly articles to pediatricians. Pediatricians can then request Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit after completing the self-assessment. It is part of the PREP curriculum. Some of the articles in the Pediatrics In Review journal include:

  • Back to Basics: About basic sciences
  • Consultation with the Specialist: Discussions with pediatric subspecialists)
  • What's New: Up and coming in the world of pediatrics
  • Index of Suspicion: Unusual presentations of diseases are presented and you are given an opportunity to come up with the diagnosis
  • Visual Diagnosis: Articles and images are presented for you to review and come up with a diagnosis
Pediatrics In Review

Should I Use Pediatrics In Review for Board Studying?

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QUESTION: What’s The Diagnosis In This Child With Lower Extremity Pain?


A child presents with a PAINFUL lower extremity. The pediatric board question states that he also has “decreased exercise tolerance.” You’re asked to identify the disorder. His cardiac and pulmonary exam are unremarkable but an x-ray of a LONG BONE is shown with various findings. Of the multiple findings in the images below, the white arrow points to the “classic” finding associated with this disorder.


1. Can you name the disorder?

2. Can you name the classic findings shown in the images?

Classic x-ray findings shown in this child with leg pain

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ANSWER for, “What’s The Diagnosis In This Child With Lower Extremity Pain?”

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1. Can you name the disorder?
The disorder shown in these images is EWING'S SARCOMA. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a tumor of the long bones. A long bone is any bone that’s longer than it is wide. During your pediatric board review and on the pediatric boards, look for questions associated with X-rays of the humerus, femur, tibia or fibula.