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DEC 15th, 2021

Dr. Ashish Goyal Speaking in a Video

4 Bonuses for "NO BRAINER" Preorders (Limited Time)

Two Extra Personalized Study Schedules

$594 Value

Give us your pace of reading, your availability to study on given days, your risk profile and much more. We'll take care of the rest!

CORE CONCEPTS in Test-Taking Strategies Webinar

$497 Value

Get the first (foundational) webinar from our Full Online Test-Taking Strategies Course, and get our custom algorithms in PDF form, for free.


$25 Value

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Estimated Release Date:

DEC 15th, 2021

2021 Pediatrics Board Review Course

Looking for a guaranteed pass? We know you can pass on your first try, and we have a "cost friendly," efficient and SYSTEMATIC approach to help you do it! And, it comes with a 100% Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee.

What Our Members Have to Say

Dr. Jada Etienne talking about her Pediatrics Board Review experience.

Jada Etienne

Board Certified Pediatrician

I knew I could do it, and I was just using the wrong material... PBR changed my life... This simplified exactly what you needed to know and highlighted key terms that made it simpler to understand... I surpassed the national mean.

Dr. Stephanie Moses speaking to resident about her Pediatrics Board Review experience.

Stephanie Moses

Board Certified Pediatrician

If every residency residency program could adopt this, I think our board score average would go up 'like that' nationwide.

Dr. Yessenia Castro Passes the Pediatric Board Exam

Yessinia Castro

Board Certified Pediatrician

My friend told me about it after I failed 5 times... I was worried about spending the money... but, now I'm making $20,000 more.

The Benefits for Our Members

Proven Effectiveness

Almost 50% of the pediatricians who buy our study guides have failed the pediatric boards before. Our studying materials are tailored to help breakdown the topics more efficiently to focus only on the materials tested


We know how busy your 3rd year of residency, and your first year as a fellow or attending, can be. Adding studying tot that isn't exactly fun. So we cut out the extra information that is NOT needed to pass. With congruent resources working synergistically together, you can leverage your time at home, in the car, and at work.

It's The "Easy Way"

You can study mounds of information, do tons of PREP questions, and go to a live board review course. That's the "hard way". Alternatively, for less than the price of a traditional video course, you can use a streamlined system that helps pediatricians just like you prepare the "easy way" and score above the national mean.

Community Support

Never feel stuck in isolation while studying again! You will get access to our entire members-only community taking the same exam and studying the same materials. Even our board certified PBR alumni are here to help answer questions about pediatrics, or just questions on how to survive such a long exam!

Priority Customer Service

PBR knows how stressful this exam can be. After all, PBR was created by me (Ashish Goyal, a double-boarded physician). When you have questions, or are in need of technical support, our #1 goal is to help you quickly and completely. And if you have a question that only I can answer, no problem. Just ask!

100% Pass Guarantee

We believe so strongly in our proven track record to help or members pass that we put a Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee on it. 

Pass your exam on your first try... GUARANTEED.

We have a Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee, and we also offer a 30-day refund policy for our "All Access Pass" memberships. For other memberships, our hardcopy products come with a 30-day refund policy and our digital resources come with a 48-hour refund policy so that you can make sure you have the best fit. If you aren't completely satisfied, just ask and we will gladly refund your purchase price.

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Estimated Release Date:

DEC 15th, 2021

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