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Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Board Exams


The Test-Taking Strategies Course is specifically for physicians, medical students and medical professionals who are preparing for standardized board exam. It is the low-hanging fruit that can help you avoid having a failed pediatric board experience.

The program is a techniques-based program geared towards:

  • Focused content extraction
  • Developing the skills needed to quickly and systematically process vignettes and answer choices in order to  uncover the correct answer
  • Using process of elimination to guide
  • Going BEYOND the 3 Key Ingredients to Board Success by focusing on the overall study experience, and the test-day experience

The course also assists with:

  • Test-day diet
  • Test-day routine
  • PRE-test day routine
  • Study schedules
  • Test-day strategies
  • Anxiety reduction… and much more.

It is an eye-opening experience for most physicians who go through the course. Many find it shocking to learn techniques and systems that can be applied to help find the correct answer even with LITTLE CLINICAL KNOWLEDGE about a particular topic. It's a

Ashish, I did it. I can't thank you enough for creating an amazing system to keep me on track with my studying. And… the live weekend test taking course was well worth it. Doing the technique during the test kept me focused and allowed me to eliminate wrong answers. Thank you for all the great advice, sticking to the material, memorize, memorize, memorize then practice practice practice. After 4 failed attempts it was exhilirating to finally read the words, “we are PLEASED to announce you PASSED!”…

I also wanted to let you know that since passing boards, I began looking for new jobs and in June I will be a pediatric hospitalist at University of Chicago, which means more pay, benefits, an exciting new field of medicine and more time at home with my girls. Thank you soooo much!

– Dr. Yessenia Castro-Caballero, Board Certified Pediatrician


The general structure of the course is as follows:

  • Attend the Core Concepts in Test-Taking Strategies webinar. Learn strategies and concepts that were previously taught in our $4000 course. We’ll go through concrete concepts and techniques that you can start using TODAY. We’ll also discuss test-taking mindset, the 3 Pillars of Board Success, and we will go through a set of board-style questions to demonstrate HOW to use the techniques. This single webinar can immediately begin to increase your practice session scores.
  • Get the BONUS PDF of Algorithms from the Core Concept. During the Core Concepts webinar, you’ll also get access to a BONUS PDF of the algorithms that were covered in the webinar. You will also get access to the recorded REPLAY.

I found myself stuck many times, failing to pick the best answer even though the correct answer was always between my best 2 options. Everything was more clear when Ashish recommended to always pick the answer that addresses the “most important clinical issue” of the question. I started to use this technique this past week, and my test scores have improved remarkably. Thanks so much!! I am ready for the next webinar!!'

– Dr. Leslie


Appreciated that Ashish was able to break down the thought process and convey it to me. It reinforced prior techniques learned, focuses on my effort, and gives me confidence in performing the techniques consistently. I was beginning to feel like I was “all over the pace” when approaching the questions. The techniques were articulated in a way which “clicked” with me.


  • Enjoy 4 additional “Processing Questions” webinars in which we go through additional questions. You will have a chance to come up with your own answers before I share mine. We’ll also cover additional ADVANCED strategies not covered in the Core Concepts webinar to drastically INCREASE YOUR SPEED and accuracy.
  • Enjoy a “Group Chat” webinar covering commonly asked questions by members of the Test-Taking Strategy course. Alumni of the course and I discuss additional strategies covering diet, anxiety-reduction, test-taking techniques and maximizing the benefit of your mock exams.
  • Enjoy access to over 16 HOURS of additional “Coaching” webinars from our pre-digital days of the “Coaching” program. Overall, that's more than 20 hours of education and training
  • Money-Back First-Time Pass Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: After enrolling to attend the Core Concepts Webinar or the full Test-Taking Strategies Course, you can request a full refund after attending the first webinar. Just email us immediately after the webinar and we'll take care of the rest!

The test-taking strategies from PBR's courses have helped physicians finally pass their boards after they had failed MULTIPLE times.

Failed But Then Finally Passed With PBR TTS and Coaching


The pediatric board exam has historically had one of the highest failure rates in all of medicine. In recent years, a maximum cap was placed on the number of times a pediatrician could take the boards. We've had the pleasure of helping doctors FINALLY pass their board exams during their LAST possible attempt! They had failed FOUR, FIVE and even SIX times and it was a true joy to be a part of their success.

Download the Pediatric Dermatology and Gastroenterology Chapters Now


Do I Need An Exam Coach?The Pediatrics Board Review books are phenomenal and high-yield. They provided you with CONTENT that you need to build our knowledge base and pass, but you still must be an above average test-taker in order to feel comfortable with this challenging exam.

If you consider yourself to be an average test-taker with average or below average scores on standardized tests, then you the learning test-taking strategy can QUICKLY give you that edge you need to pass.

Learning these skills is the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT way to instantly increase scores. Plus, unlike studying a single chapter, these skills can be leveraged ACROSS YOUR ENTIRE BOARD EXAM and on every board exam you ever take for the rest of your life.

Information Overload

Study a ton, remember none. Sound familiar?

Remember, a question about fluids or nutrition is just as valuable as a question about metabolic syndromes, and the PBR really helps you focus on exactly what you need to know to pass the boards… CORE PEDIATRICS.

So the PBR is great for giving you amazing CONTENT, but the study guide is not the right place for you to learn test-taking TECHNIQUES.

So please do not end up in the situation I was in after FAILING the boards the first time. I’m not referring to the additional $2,000 I had to spend on the exam. I could care less about that. It was more about the time, energy, feeling of defeat, fear and another wasted summer that made me feel sad, frustrated and even angry at times.

So if you've previously done well on standardized exams, just follow the PBR “Roadmap to Success” and you should be okay. BUT, if you’re an average to below average test-taker, or if you struggle with anxiety, or pacing… then this course is an absolute MUST for you as you approach one of the most difficult medical board exams around.


We often get students and physicians that are extremely bright. They’re the ones that got awards for being the “best resident teachers”, or “best ward attending physicians” but can’t seem to pass the boards? What about them?

A good clinician is not the same thing as a good test-taker. The skill set needed to be a master clinician is extremely different than the skill set needed to know and understand the “board game.” Developing this unique skill requires training and education like any other skill you have had to practice.


The strategies are unlike anything that you have ever learned before, but that's why they're beautiful! Some of them can be instituted IMMEDIATELY and can result in an instant increase in your practice session scores.

Even learning just 2-3 of the skills in the course will increase your scores and make you a much better standardized exam taker.

Through the course, you’ll learn:

  • Test-taking TECHNIQUES to help you evaluate and answer a higher percentage of questions correctly
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to break down the different types of questions in order to eliminate the least likely answers to get to the correct one
  • How to manage your anxiety and emotions about the exam as you study and during the test
  • Proper exam-day diet
  • How to maintain focus and attention for the very long day of testing
  • Pre-test day preparation and to-do’s

This is information that we are never taught as physicians.

Free test-taking strategy training session

As you learn the techniques, you’ll be encouraged to do MANY practice questions. You'll work towards creating a systematic approach that helps you tear down your old “bad habits.” he eye-opening experience will allow you to embrace the new strategies.


The simple answer is RIGHT NOW!

This is NOT a content-based course. It’s a SKILLS based course. That means it's best to give yourself plenty of time to master the ADVANCED techniques.

So if you have plenty of time before your exam, then GREAT! Practice your TECHNIQUE now and then work on your fund of knowledge later. They are two very different areas that you must master before going into the exam. The great news is that the test-taking strategies are EASIER to master than an entire field of medicine.

If you have very LITTLE time before your exam, it's still a GREAT time to take the course because some of the techniques can be implemented IMMEDIATELY and result in a clear change in how you approach practice questions for the better!

And since there is not a single other piece of training or education that can affect your scores THIS much in just a few hours, this information can be highly leveraged.


The Live Test-Taking Strategies & Deep Study Course is usually in Atlanta, GA. The live course is a must-have for anyone who is at moderate to high risk of having a failed pediatric board experience. If you are at low risk of failing the boards, then you should go through our HOME-BASED Full Online Test-Taking Strategies Course.


PBR Has a Pass Guarantee!


For our online courses, we have a money-back first-time pass guarantee, and we also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  After enrolling to attend the Core Concepts Webinar or the full Test-Taking Strategies Course, you can request a full refund after attending the first webinar. Just email us immediately after the webinar and we'll take care of the rest!


It is IMPERATIVE that you practice, practice and practice your new tools after you finish the course.

Answering standardized board exam questions is a SKILL and is often not reflective of your true knowledge base.

You must practice that skill in order to perfect it!

It's this shift in mindset and this new set of tools that has allowed pediatricians who have previously failed multiple times (even in the face of months of dedicated studying) to finally pass the exam.


Click Here & Check If We Are Currently Open for Enrollment!


A couple of years ago I received an email from someone who became anxious after hearing about this course. I felt horrible. My honest intention is NOT to create panic or anxiety, but more to educate you and provide you with all the possible resources that might be of help.

I truly feel there is a need for this level of extra support for about 50% of the PBR community. And for the rest, I STILL think that this course teaches valuable skills that should be learned by every physician or medical professional.

If anything in this article has resonated with you, I highly encourage you to signup for the Core Concepts in Test-Taking Strategies webinar. Remember, there's a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee! So you have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain!

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Ashish Goyal, M.D.

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sabrina cardona -

I Would like to register w/ Coach Peggy.

Ashish -

Hi Sabrina. I just sent you some information on the month of your interest. Looking forward to helping you navigate through this exam.

Annette -

I’m interested in the 2 day with a friend….how does that work??I’m interested in end of feb??Is that feasible?

Ashish -

Hi Annette.

The month of Feb. really only has a single 2-day slot available which is why we closed it out. March has more dates, but only space for one doc since we have a max of 8 students per month.

How about April? Feel free to email me.

Gerard Mosby -

This looks like what I need. Can I get more details,ie cost and where do I go?

Ashish -

Hi Gerard.

The cost varies a little bit depending on who you are. The course is held in Kansas City, Missouri. You can visit the following link for more details:

You’re also welcome to email me via the PBR contact page above if you have any more questions.

Cristeta Gatdula -

Can you sign me up for 2 days like Saturday and Sunday in July 2013 and is is too late?

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Cristeta,

PBR’s coaching program sells out consistently. For 2013, we sold out by mid-March. We currently have no slots available, but we do have an EARLY NOTIFICATION email list that you should join. Just visit the medical test coaching page and signup for the list. If we get a cancellation, you’ll get immediate notification and have an opportunity to grab a slot.

Good luck with everything,
– Ashish

Kenneth -

Please let me know if you ever get ANY upcoming Coach Peggy slots in the foreseeable future. Thanks so very much. – Ken.

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Ken,

The best thing for you to do is to click on the following link:

If it’s currently sold out, then fill out the Early Notification form to get on the email list.

– Ashish

Ann -

I did sign up for the updates for any cancellations for Coach Peggy.
Do slots ever open up?
Are there any other ways to have access to Coach Peggy?
I plan on listening the webinars you posted.
Are you planning the Skype coaching before this(Fall 2013)years’exam?
I am taking the exam for the 5th time…you can imagine my angst.
– Ann
PS – Go Blue!


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