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Live Test-Taking Strategies & Deep Study Course

Dr. Cassie H.

(Attended the Live Course in 2018)

"The live test-taking strategy course was a great experience. It was well worth the time and money. The group dynamic and peer learning was surprisingly extremely helpful. Realizing how we can all process a question differently was enlightening. With the confidence we gained by using the test-taking strategy techniques, we were then able to point out to our peers where the breakdowns were happening. This helped them but also allowed us to immediately understand our own flaws. You also very quickly realize that if you go back and do the steps taught in the course that you would see your processing error.

Also, being able to see that you are not the only one who has struggled with this exam, and being able to gain a new support system definitely allows you to feel like you’re no longer alone.

I walked away with everything I needed to pass the test mentally, physically and emotionally.

For anyone considering the course, I would say that everything you need is organized within PBR. Take every single advantage of every single resource so you don’t have to look back with regrets. I looked back with regrets during year 1 and year 2...now in year 3 I finally feel like I have finally taken care of the missing pieces.”

Dr. Timothy

(Attended the Live Course in 2018)

"It was a pleasure attending the Live Test Taking Strategies Course. The content was great and Ashish was an exceptional teacher. He really wants to help and gears the course specifically for us because he truly gets it.

The group experience allowed us to relate to classmates that are in a similar position. We all realized that something different has to occur in order for us to overcome this hurdle and the Test Taking Strategies Course provides this.

Overall it was an excellent experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. It provided me with the necessary insights I needed to tackle the boards in a manageable approach. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who needs new insights on how to approach questions and anyone struggling with study habits.”

Dr. Jessica Kumar

(Attended the Live Course in 2018 and Preparing for the American Board of Internal Medicine Exam)

"Hello PBR, I had a great experience at the Live TTS class. I wish they had this study system for all board exams. It’s the complete package and it seems like the best way to succeed.

It was invaluable to see how others work through questions and process core information. Everyone is at different points and different levels and it is good to see where you stand, what resources other has used and what works/doesn't work. The network is priceless as well as the chance to get personal feedback from you.

Dr. Yessenia Castro-Caballero

Board Certified Pediatrician (Attended the Live Course and Finally Passed!)

"After 4 failed attempts it was exhilirating to finally read the words, “we are PLEASED to announce you PASSED!

Dr. WR

Board Certified Pediatrician (Attended the Live Course and Finally Passed!)

"...The live course totally changed how I approached the test"


  • A small group format
  • Teaching about the ins and outs of Test-Taking Strategy as you go through board-style questions.
  • Teaching about the importance of mock exams (learn how to setup your mock exams, learn about test-day diet, relaxation techniques, anxiety reduction, and much more).
  • Opportunities to gain immense perspective on the many different ways that you can go down the wrong path by talking through your approach to a question, and by seeing how others approach the exact same questions
  • Participation with the entire group
  • Participation in small groups of ~4 people
  • One-on-one coaching with me
  • A variety of demonstration questions will be shown to demonstrate high-yield test-taking strategies
  • DEEP STUDYING lectures will be given to help you focus on high quality studying instead of low quality studying
  • We'll discuss diet, stress, sleep hygiene, test-day schedules, mock exams, and MUCH MORE!

It will be an amazing, enlightening and FUN experience. I'm certain you'll make friends that will be your study buddies and "question-practicing" buddies for the exam.

Do you have ANY questions? If so, CLICK HERE and shoot us an email now!


  • Become a test-taking master! By the end of the 2 days, you will feel extremely comfortable with your abilities as an amazing test-taker
  • Learn with me with some one-on-one coaching
  • Learn from your peers. The group coaching experience will give you TONS of perspective on the many different ways that there are to mess up an approach to a question. By watching your peers’ mistakes, you learn what WORKS and what does NOT work. And by sharing YOUR perspective, you’ll cement good habits. A group environment is the BEST way to accelerate your learning.
  • Learn more advanced lessons that have never been shared in our FULL Test-Taking Strategies course.
  • Develop new friendships and mentors that you can continue your Test-Taking Strategy sessions with after the course.
  • Learn strategies that have helped others finally pass after they had previously failed up to SIX times!


  • INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE: Initially, you'll practice the algorithms and methodology on your own during our core concepts discussions. Later, we'll move into group "break out" sessions.
  • BREAK OUT SESSIONS: You will break out into small groups of about 4 people. I’ll give you questions to work on as a group. One person will share their findings with the class and then we'll then go over the algorithms and answers as a group.
  • ONE-ON-ONE TIME: During the PRACTICE TIME, I’ll rotate through the group and spend some time you. We’ll work one-on-one to to answer your questions, break bad habits and create good habits.

Dr. KM

Board Certified Pediatrician (POST-COURSE COMMENTS)

"Plus, I have gone through the online videos for how to tackle questions, and it just didn't seem to click. Doing this live with additional explanation for the parts that I didn't quite understand helped to solidify things for me. I have connected with several individuals who will hopefully help to keep me motivated for the next 6-7 months of studying during this painful process... I frequently find myself doubting myself and wanting to give up because the pain is so intense. But, to see other people in the same situation going back to it, staying optimistic gives me added encouragement to keep going.

Dr. KM

Board Certified Pediatrician (POST-PASS COMMENTS)

"I'm obviously biased, lol. I passed after going to the live course... I knew for me the face to face interactions and have real time assistance while working through the technique was key. Any one who I've spoken with about what helped me this time I always recommend the live course. Because not only did I learn test taking techniques, I learned some really important tools about how to mentally and emotionally prepare for the test. All those things were necessary for me to be successful. I definitely recommend it.

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