PBR Contributing Editor Application

Please note that we've had a great response! We're working through the current applications in the order in which they were received. This means we'll keep your application on file if you decide to fill out the form below, but please note that any submissions that come in after 6-23-2021 may not receive a response.


Thank for applying for this position! As you fill out this form, please be sure to put your best foot forward (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.).

  • Start with whatever comes to mind.... THEN consider addressing research skills, writing skills, organization, managing MS Word, shared files, and anything else that might be important for this role.
  • Please note that there are weeks (and even months) when absolutely nothing may be needed, and there are busier times of the year (summer through the end of the year) as well.
  • This will NEVER be a major deciding factor. Remember... I FAILED the first time I took the boards!