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Old Test-Taking Strategies and Coaching Fee


  1. ONLINE Training on Identifying DIFFERENT CATEGORIES of Questions. All categories of questions are NOT approached the same way!
  2. Learn to Systematically PROCESS QUESTIONS on the boards
  3. Learn to Systematically PROCESS ANSWERS on the boards
  4. Learn the RIGHT ORDER for Processing A Question
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Old Test-Taking Strategies and Coaching Fee

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Get a FREE PDF Copy of PBR's Custom Algorithms (During the Webinar)

Test-Taking Strategies Algorithms For Success

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Test-Taking Strategies Webinar Practice Question - Read the English


The PBR Test-Taking Strategies have helped physicians and medical students pass their medical board exams on their FIRST try as well as on their SIXTH try. That means that the course works! It was previously $3997. For now, it's a fraction of that, and you can signup for the CORE CONCEPTS in Test-Taking Strategies Webinar for just $197. It'll teach you the FUNDAMENTALS of test-taking strategy. OR, scroll down now and signup for the FULL Test-Taking Strategies Course for just $497. 

It helped to clarify what I need to focus on when doing questions... A great set of tools to keep me going. I am expecting my first child... Thank you for making it web based so I can still review the techniques and not feel stranded.

Dr. C

Appreciated that Ashish was able to break down the thought process and convey it to me. It reinforced prior techniques learned, focuses my effort, and gives me confidence in performing The techniques consistently. I was beginning to feel like I was "all over the place" when approaching questions. The techniques were articulated in a way which "clicked" with me.

Dr. K

If you don't find any value in this webinar, I will refund 100% of your money back.

Old Test-Taking Strategies and Coaching Fee

Please note that the full PBR Test-Taking Strategies & Coaching Course is a series of at least 5 webinars following the CORE CONCEPTS webinar mentioned above. The webinars are either live or recorded (depending on the time of the year). Our Coaching course previously required travel to Missouri for 6 days and over $5000 in expense. The full Test-Taking Strategies & Coaching Course is now fully online and costs only $497. If you attend the above CORE CONCEPTS webinar, you will have a chance to get a FULL $197 in CREDIT towards the enrollment fee of the FULL course.