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Pediatric Board Review Articles - What You Need To Know
Failed Pediatric Boards? Here’s A Study Schedule That Works!
So, You Failed the Pediatric Boards. Now What? A failed pediatric boards attempt is devastating and having failed once myself[...]
Pediatric Board Review Course 2019
PEDIATRIC BOARD REVIEW COURSE 2019 (NINTH EDITION) In this article we’ll learn about pediatric board review courses being offered in 2019[...]
Pediatrics Board Review (2018) – Insights to Help for 2019
Pediatric Board Exam Results - 2018! It's been a long wait, but it's wonderful to see that the 2018 pediatric[...]
2019 Pediatric Board Review Sneak Peek
Your 2019 Pediatric Board Review PREVIEW (and Discounted PREORDER Code) Is Here! Unlike other board review courses, the PBR's Core[...]
Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Board Exams
WHAT IS THE PBR TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES AND COACHING COURSE? The Test-Taking Strategies Course is specifically for physicians, medical students and[...]
Creating Memorable Pediatric Mnemonics
Pediatric Mnemonics that Stick Creating pediatric mnemonics can be a lifesaver for the boards. Did you know that most memory[...]
Board Success In 2018 – Webinar Registration Now Available
If you're taking the boards in 2018 for the first time or the fifth time, it's time to understand how[...]
Your 2018 Pediatric Board Review Books – A Sneak Peek
Your 2018 Pediatric Board Review PREVIEW (and Discounted PREORDER Code) Is Here! Unlike other board review courses, the PBR's Core[...]
Pediatric Board Review Online Video Course – A Solution to Broken, Live Conferences
Traditional Live Pediatric Conferences Are BROKEN! In this article we'll talk about: Learning from board-certified pediatricians through an ONLINE version[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Accommodations for Extra Time
Getting Special Test Center Accommodations for Your Exam Are you aware of the various American Board of Pediatrics accommodations that[...]
Passing the Pediatric Board Exam – Maximizing CRUNCH Time
When it comes to passing the pediatric board exam, all logic and reason can get thrown out the window during[...]
Need a Step-By-Step Pediatric Board Study Schedule?
Trust me... You DO Need A Schedule! In the article titled “Need a Pediatric Board Study Plan?” I talk about[...]
2016 Pediatric Board Review Books – A Sneak Peek
The 2016 Pediatric Board Review PREVIEW Is Here! Unlike other board review courses, the PBR's Core Study Guide gets corrected and[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Results for 2014
The Exam Results For 2014 Are In! I can’t believe the pediatric board exam results for 2014 are already here,[...]
2014 Pediatrics Board Review Corrections and Clarifications
50-60 Pages of High-Yield Content Now Available! I never realized that the release of the annual creation of the Pediatrics Board[...]
Pediatric Board Questions – 3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Score!
ARE TEST QUESTIONS LIKE MINI-PATIENTS? NO! Pediatric board questions are NOT like mini-patients. Don’t believe me? Well, by the end[...]
Passing the Pediatric Boards – The 3 MUST HAVE Ingredients
The 3 MUST HAVE Ingredients for Board Success Passing the the pediatric boards is challenging, but it's far from magic. In[...]
100 Pediatric Board Pictures – Free & Downloadable Guide
100 FREE High-Yield Images for the Boards! Knowing how to identify pediatric board pictures is a must for a handful[...]
2013 Pediatrics Board Review Corrections and Clarifications
50-70 Pages of FREE High-Yield Content Now Available! In 2012, the Pediatrics Board Review Corrections & Clarifications Guide was only[...]
A Board of Pediatrics Overview
ABP Exam Overviews The American Board of Pediatrics overview article was very well received by both pediatricians planning on taking[...]
About the American Board of Pediatrics
What IS the ABP? The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is a large and mysterious entity for most of us.[...]
BoardVitals Pediatric Board Review Questions – Discount code
BoardVitals pediatric board review questions are now available through PBR at discounts or for FREE! PBR Has Partnerships That Will[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Pass Rates Revealed!
Why 2012’s Pediatric Board Exam Results Were AMAZING! Predicting the trend of the American Board of Pediatrics pass rates is[...]
What Passing The Pediatric Boards Has Meant To Dr. Vincenzo
If Once You Don’t Succeed, Try 4 More Times? Passing the pediatric boards didn’t come easy to me. I’ve taken[...]
Need A Pediatric Board Study Plan?
Coming Up With a Study Plan is a MUST for The Pediatric Boards A question I find myself being asked[...]
Improving Pediatric Residency In-Training Exam Scores: Tip #4 – If it Ain’t Broke…
Tip #4 – If it Ain't Broke… Improving pediatric residency in-training exam scores can be challenging. In this PBR article,[...]
Improving In-Training Exam Scores: Tip #3 – Propinquity!
Tip #3 - Propinquity! Propinqua-what? And what does that have to do with improving in-training exam scores? The word is[...]
A Pediatric Board Forum by PBR – Join the PBR Facebook CREW!
WHAT IS THE PEDIATRICS BOARD REVIEW FACEBOOK CREW?It's a pediatric board review FORUm, but it's through Facebook! Pediatrics Board Review[...]
Dr. Vincenzo Finally Passed the Pediatric Boards!
Being the author of the PBR and interacting with so many pediatricians is really a blessing, but it also comes[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Results – Pediatrics Board Review (PBR)
. Pediatric board exam results have varied over the years from the mid 70s to the high 80s due to[...]
Improving In-Training Exam Scores: Tips #1 & 2 – Start Early & Work Smart!
Can You Really Improve ITE Scores? In the PBR article called "Can I Improve Pediatrics In-Training Exam Scores For Myself? Or[...]
Can I Improve Pediatrics In-Training Exam Scores For Myself? Or For My Program?
Have you heard? The initial certification exam for the pediatric boards was LAST WEEK! I performed a survey afterwards because[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Time Per Question, Number of Blocks & More
The Ins & Outs of TEST DAY!As the pediatric board exam nears, I'm often asked the following questions:Pediatric board exam time[...]
PBR 2012 Corrections and Clarifications
The 2012 PBR Corrections Are Here! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this 25 page booklet of corrections and clarifications[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Exam Scoring Changes
I've received a tremendous number of questions about what the American Board of Pediatrics 2012 scoring changes might mean for[...]
For the Pediatric Board Exam, 2012 Might Be the Best Year Ever!
So the keyword is MIGHT, but I'm hopeful that it WILL be the best year to take the board exams[...]
The Pediatric Boards Pass Rate Could be 100% This Year!
I Know You Don't Believe It, But It's TRUE! The pediatric boards pass rate had been horrendous for years. BUT,[...]
Is PBR’S Board Prep Coaching Course Really Hitting 100%?
At 4 PM EST on 7/18/12, PBR's Board Prep Coaching program went LIVE! 20 slots were allotted by PBR's Coach. 10 on 7/17 for[...]
Could Your State REQUIRE Pediatric Board Certification To Practice?
So, what if you don't pass the boards, and one day your state decides that it REQUIRES board certification to even practice??? According to this AMA article, it's a real possibility: The entire issue reminds me of the recent switch to a 100% EMR system at[...]
Does A Failed Pediatric Board Exam Mean You’re a Bad Pediatrician?
In my mind, the answer to the question to this question is a resounding NO! Have you heard that joke? "What do they call the guy who graduates at the bottom of his med school class?" DOCTOR![...]
How to Pass the Pediatric Boards – Your ROADMAP is here!
I can't believe I'm releasing the entire Table of Contents, the actual PBR Roadmap To Success, and the Memory Aids Creation[...]
Should I Be Reading Pediatrics In Review?
What is Pediatrics In Review? Pediatrics In Review is a journal created by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It's[...]
QUESTION: What’s The Diagnosis In This Child With Lower Extremity Pain?
. A child presents with a PAINFUL lower extremity. The pediatric board question states that he also has “decreased exercise[...]
ANSWER for, “What’s The Diagnosis In This Child With Lower Extremity Pain?”
To see the question, CLICK HERE. ANSWERS: 1. Can you name the disorder?The disorder shown in these images is EWING'S[...]
Achondroplasia Mnemonic Images
Recognize this guy? It's Weeman. He was born with achondroplasia. Mini-Me also has achondroplasia. Now imagine these two devilishly bad[...]
ANSWER: What Condition Does Mini-Me Have?
  1. What movie is this guy from?: Mini-Me is a character played by Verne Troyer in the second and third Austin[...]
QUESTION: What Condition Does Mini-Me Have?
Let's try to have some fun as you go through your pediatric board review. QUESTIONS: 1. What movie is this[...]
ANSWER For, “Hey loose skin guy, what’s up with you?”
The American Board of Pediatrics shows you the image below. QUESTIONS: What disorders might this guy have been diagnosed with[...]
QUESTION: Hey loose skin guy, what’s up with you?
The American Board of Pediatrics shows you the image below. QUESTIONS: What disorders might this guy have been diagnosed with[...]
Pediatric Board Review Course 2012
Pediatric Board Review Course 2012 The most efficient study guide in the world of pediatrics just got better. In 2011,[...]
What Is An RSS Blog Feed? How Do I Get Instant PBR Updates?
. . If you love a website and the site happens to have an RSS feed, like this one, you[...]
How Many AAP PREP Questions Should I Do?
PRACTICE VERSUS STUDY - A BIG DIFFERENCE I love the American Academy of Pediatrics' PREP series of questions for PRACTICING[...]
Answer: Can You Name This Uniform Pediatric Dermatology Rash?
QUESTION: Can you name this rash? CLUES: It might be described as a rash on the extensor surfaces, uniform in color[...]
Question: Can You Name This Uniform Pediatric Dermatology Rash?
QUESTION: Can you name this rash?   CLUES: It might be described as a rash on the extensor surfaces, uniform in[...]
Pediatrics Board Review: A Resource for Pediatric Residents and Pediatricians
IN THIS POST: Are you a pediatric resident? Are you a pediatrician? Have you failed the pediatric boards? I've really[...]
AAP PREP QUESTIONS – Learn How You SHOULD (and Should NOT) Use Them!
IS THE PBR BETTER THAN DOING PEDIATRIC PREP QUESTIONS? I often get asked, "What makes your pediatric study guide better[...]
Welcome to Pediatrics Board Review!
Hi! My name is Ashish Goyal, and I'm really excited to work with you as you prepare to pass the[...]


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