Pediatric Board Review with Free Pediatric Board Review Questions and Mnemonics

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"Answering the Questions That You SHOULD Be Asking Yourself Right Now. Get Strategies to Help You Maximize Efficiency in Your Pediatric Board Experience & Ensure That You Have EVERYTHING You Need for Success in 2022... With the Right Tools & Guidance, You CAN Pass the Pediatric Board Exam on the FIRST Try."

Ashish Goyal - Author of Pediatrics Board Review

Tuesday, February 22nd at
8:30 PM EST

Presented by
Ashish Goyal
Creator of the PBR Certification System

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I’ll Be Showing Answering These Questions…

  • What is the GOAL of a study guide?
  • What is YOUR GOAL when it comes to preparing for this exam?
  • Is exposure to MORE material good or bad?
  • Is studying from PREP® a good idea?
  • How are pediatricians LIKE YOU passing this exam?
  • How IS THIS EXAM DIFFERENT than the rest?
  • How ARE YOU DIFFERENT, and what does that mean for your board preparation?