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Failed Pediatric Boards

Have You Had a Failed Pediatric Boards Experience with the American Board of Pediatrics Initial Certification Exam?

Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) is the premier resource for helping pediatricians that have had a failed pediatric boards experience. We excel at helping first-time test-takers pass their board exams on their first try, but we are also exceptional at helping pediatricians pass after they have failed. We do this by providing detailed instructions on what to study, how to study it, how to develop mastery around test-taking strategy, how to focus on the idea of DEEP STUDY and much more.

Our articles below are in no particular order, but they are all from our "failed pediatric boards" category  of articles and they will all provide you with the guidance you need to pass the boards. 

Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Board Exams
CAN TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES ACTUALLY BE LEARNED? Test-taking strategy is often overlooked when you are preparing for your board exams, yet[...]
Failed Pediatric Boards? Here’s A Study Schedule That Works!
So, You Failed the Pediatric Boards. Now What? A failed pediatric boards attempt is devastating and having failed once myself[...]
Your 2018 Pediatric Board Review Books – A Sneak Peek
Your 2018 Pediatric Board Review PREVIEW (and Discounted PREORDER Code) Is Here! Unlike other board review courses, the PBR's Core[...]
Passing the Pediatric Board Exam – Maximizing CRUNCH Time
When it comes to passing the pediatric board exam, all logic and reason can get thrown out the window during[...]
2016 Pediatric Board Review Books – A Sneak Peek
The 2016 Pediatric Board Review PREVIEW Is Here! Unlike other board review courses, the PBR's Core Study Guide gets corrected and[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Results for 2014
The Exam Results For 2014 Are In! I can’t believe the pediatric board exam results for 2014 are already here,[...]
Pediatric Board Questions – 3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Score!
ARE TEST QUESTIONS LIKE MINI-PATIENTS? NO! Pediatric board questions are NOT like mini-patients. Don’t believe me? Well, by the end[...]
Passing the Pediatric Boards – The 3 MUST HAVE Ingredients
The 3 MUST HAVE Ingredients for Board Success Passing the the pediatric boards is challenging, but it's far from magic. In[...]
A Board of Pediatrics Overview
ABP Exam Overviews The American Board of Pediatrics overview article was very well received by both pediatricians planning on taking[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Pass Rates Revealed!
Why 2012’s Pediatric Board Exam Results Were AMAZING! Predicting the trend of the American Board of Pediatrics pass rates is[...]
What Passing The Pediatric Boards Has Meant To Dr. Vincenzo
If Once You Don’t Succeed, Try 4 More Times? Passing the pediatric boards didn’t come easy to me. I’ve taken[...]
Need A Pediatric Board Study Plan?
Coming Up With a Study Plan is a MUST for The Pediatric Boards A question I find myself being asked[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Results – Pediatrics Board Review (PBR)
. Pediatric board exam results have varied over the years from the mid 70s to the high 80s due to[...]
Welcome to Pediatrics Board Review!
Hi! My name is Ashish Goyal, the CEO and chief mentor at Pediatrics Board Review. I'm so excited to help[...]


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