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Pediatric Board Review Course 2018 (Eighth Edition)


Highlights of the 2013 Pediatrics Board Review Edition

As the author of the best pediatric board review course 2018 edition, I strive to push for evermore excellence year after year. As a pediatrician, I excelled when I increased my score by over 100 points on the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) exam, and was then asked by the ABP to write questions for them!

As an author, my focus has been on pushing for evermore excellence within our resources year after year. For the 2018 American Board of Pediatrics initial certification exam, maintenance of certification (MOC) exam and the NEW Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatrics (MOCA-Peds) exam, here are just a few of the highlights that PBR members will be enjoying all year long:

  • Free list of corrections as submitted by PBR members and verified by our PBR editor and me. I do this every year. In 2018, I'll be doing it AGAIN. This is not just a bland list of typos or corrections. It's a list of corrections, explanations, AND clarifications for areas in the book that were confusing to members.

  • Efficiency in studying through the power of technology. Use your iPad, iPhone, or Kindle to study on the go. Use the links in the members' section to quickly view awesome images across the web, and use the PBR Facebook CREW to help you blow past academic (and emotional) hurdles.

  • PBR's own online MOCA Peds Study Guide. We've launched a beta version of our 2018 MOCA Peds Study Guide with some innovative systems to help test-takers find the exact information that they are looking for within seconds! If you're interested in being a beta user, please contact us now.

  • Access everywhere – Backpack, Desktop, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android… You name it!

  • Congruent content that is almost identical in the print, audio and video resources! This allows for repetition and reinforcement of the material.

Again, these are just a few of the benefits PBR members are already enjoying. Keep reading below for a little more detail on each.


I have SO much interaction with members of PBR that it’s been impossible for me to not hear about the errors within PBR. I’m fundamentally a “giver,” and I always strive for excellence. So, when given an opportunity to provide the PBR community with something that could make the difference between passing and failing the boards, I jump on it.

That means I have an innate need to update the Pediatrics Board Review materials ANNUALLY. Every year, we take all of the suggestions, error submissions and requests for clarifications to create an annual “Corrections and Clarifications Guide.” The guide has ranged from 20 – 60 pages of excellent information.

The corrections guide tends to be long, but the section on true errors is fairly small. Instead, much of the guide strives to provide answers to “requests for clarification” that have been submitted. We do our best to provide clarification within the “Corrections and Clarifications Guide” so that our members don't have to go down the rabbit hole of Nelson's or Google to find answers. We do the work for them.

Members thank us for the corrections guide. Sometimes the thanks are simply because they appreciate the effort. Other times the thanks are for some of the NEW content provided which helped them answer questions on the boards!

In the past, we've even gone so far as to provide a draft version of a NEW chapter around the same time of year. It was for the Ethics chapter. We also added a Quality Control chapter, which we also gave to our existing members for FREE! These chapters were easy to digest and everyone was delighted to get them in time for the exam.

After the exam is over, we take ALL of the corrections (and many of the clarifications) and we integrate them into the next edition of the PBR's Core Study Guide, the PBR Q&A Books AND the online materials. The online Core Study Guide and the online Q&A Book are BOTH updated and then distributed in ways that are compatible with any internet enabled desktop, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or Android.

This means that the 2018 edition of the PBR is updated and ready for the 2018 pediatric board exam. It ALSO means that as NEW corrections and suggestions are brought to our attention in 2018, the annual Pediatrics Board Review Corrections and Clarifications Guide will again be created and released for FREE well before the initial certification exam in October.


Most “traditional” board review courses focus on content. They may, or may NOT, have enough board-relevant content in their board prep material to help you pass your American Board of Pediatrics exam. The content is either lacking enough explanation to help you grasp the concepts, or it’s disorganized and so full of detailed information from medical school that it's not board-relevant, and it's overwhelming. It’s like reading an encyclopedia!

Some courses focus on a well-thought-out flow from one chapter to another, but I don’t know of any that truly focus onEFFICIENCY. Do not mistake study guides with big fonts and extremely abbreviated explanations of complicated topics with efficiency. Those resources are inadequate and destined to cause failure. The Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) focuses on content, flow, community support, member support, AND EFFICIENCY. It has succinct explanations of high-yield topics, a flow and organization of chapters that makes sense, and it provides tools and techniques that focus on EFFICIENCY in studying so that you can get the most out of your precious time.

For example, there are over 2000 high-yield pediatric board topics in the member’s only area of PBR. These were previously individual pages that were visited one at a time. Keeping in mind that a pediatricians’ study time is precious, new software has been installed to improve page load times by over 50%, and we now have up to 10 topics on any given page to decrease the number of transitions from one page to the next.


Want to see what the online Pediatrics Board Review course looks like? Here’s a video tutorial I made recently which takes you behind the scenes. This version is faster than ever, easier to use, and MOBILE responsive! You can also see how you can use the members' area on your phone or iPad by scrolling down.


Highlights of the 2013 Pediatrics Board Review Edition

If you watched the video tutorial above, you can see how valuable the online systems are in terms of having a different medium to study with, having an efficient way to instantly view images related to specific topics, and being able to quickly search for any single word within the ENTIRE Pediatrics Board Review Core Study Guide. By purchasing the PBR All Access Pass (most common purchase and most recommended), you also have the hardcopy books to highlight, bookmark, take to a coffee shop and mark up with your pen.

But what if you like reading on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android, or other internet-enabled mobile device or tablet? With our recent software and server upgrades, studying just got much easier, and much faster. As long as you have an internet connection, you can study the online systems just about anywhere. Here’s an actually tutorial video for the iPad that I created for PBR members.

PBR - All Access Pass Banner


If you read my article titled, “WHAT IS THE PEDIATRICS BOARD REVIEW FACEBOOK GROUP?,” you’ll see there are a ton of great reasons for the creation of the PBR Facebook Group. The interaction has been amazing. People not only share their study resources and answer each others' challenging academic questions, but they also have an entire community of pediatricians to lean on for emotional support.

Just imagine being stuck on a particular topic or concept and wishing you had your chief resident next to you to explain it. Well, with PBR’s Facebook Group, you’ll have TONS of bright people to help you through just about any topic that you’re struggling with.

It's a solution that's so much more user-friendly than traditional forums, and the feedback has been amazing. This is the ultimate pediatric board review study group. Seriously, this is about as good as it gets!


PBR is the first medical board review company to offer a comprehensive course on test-taking strategy and “deep learning.” We have helped pediatricians become MASTER test-takers so that they can increase their chances of passing the board exponentially. Not only have pediatricians passed the boards after taking our live test-taking strategy courses, but they have passed after failing 4, 5 and even 6 times while using other traditional resources, studying methods and a “top to bottom” question-answering approach.

Our article titled, “TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES FOR MEDICAL BOARD EXAMS,” shows how even small changes to your test-taking strategy can have dramatic results. Here is just one amazing testimonial from the LIVE COURSE:

Ashish, I did it. I can't thank you enough for creating an amazing system to keep me on track with my studying... the live weekend test taking course was well worth it. Doing the technique during the test kept me focused and allowed me to eliminate wrong answers. Thank you for all the great advice, sticking to the material, memorize, memorize, memorize then practice practice practice. After 4 failed attempts it was exhilirating to finally read the words, "we are PLEASED to announce you PASSED!"   I will definitely recommend your program.

God Bless

- Dr. Yessenia Castro-Caballero, Board Certified Pediatrician

Click here now and learn more about PBR's LIVE Test-Taking Strategies Course in Atlanta, Georgia.

So, that's an overview of why PBR is again the most popular pediatric board review course for 2018. If you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Click the image below and signup now!

Pediatric Board Review Course 2018 MUST Have Resources

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Rani -

Thanks again Ashish! That was huge! It really helps to understand that the practice put out by ABP was for MOC. I like the tips about extra 15 min breaks and turning your clock to noon to help pace. Very Smart! Very thoughtful of you too!

Would you still recommend to start at the last question on this computer base test?

I have so much gratitude for you and your family for all the time you spend helping us.

Vanessa -

Thanks for the helpful pointers, Ashish. However, I believe there is a typo in your timeline where you mention “12:15 – should be done with quest 83…” I think it should be “01:15” based on your timeline. Otherwise, good stuff!:-). God bless you.

Dr. V.

Ashish -

Awe… too sweet. My family has been great this month given that it’s crunch time. I think we’ll have a celebratory dinner on Friday in honor of all of you 🙂

As for your question, GOOD ONE!

The answer is that I WISH you could do that. I just scanned the tutorial and it seems way too painful to get to the end of the exam to look at the last 5 questions. While I WISH it was easier, I guess the answer is to just start at number 1, but KEEP PACE. You have to be able to let go of questions that are taking too long!

Some of the EASIEST and QUICKEST/SHORTEST questions have been know to pop up at the end of each 84 question section!

Good luck!!!


Ashish -

Hey V,

Thanks so much for catching that! I’ve modified it to coincide with the timer since you can’t take in a watch.

Good luck on the exam!!


Letitia -

Ashish, what do you think about taking 3 30 minute breaks. I did this for USMLE due fatigue and anxiety. It helped me to stop, rest my eyes and have a small snack. I think that a long lunch will make me more nervous.

Dr. Letitia

Ashish -

I didn’t really address how I’d use the time for myself, but based on another comment it looks like watches are not allowed. I’ve also reviewed the Prometric list of prohibited items and it looks like they almost want you to go in naked. No personal items whatsoever. Eyedrops are probably fine.

SO, it looks like the breaks will have to by the Prometric test center’s rules. GET BACK to your seat by the end of your 15 minutes… OR ELSE!

Good luck!!!



Thank you Ashish. Lots of useful tips and info. You are GREAT!!!!!!!!

Ashish -

Thank YOU for the wonderful comments. I truly appreciate it and it makes my day!

Randi -

I am SO far behind in my studies and working in a busy new practice. I’m sure I’ll be failing in October at this rate! Do you think it’s best to withdraw and reschedule for next year, or do my best and take the exam now? I just finished residency…started working right away…a decision I wish I’d thought through differently.

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Randi,

Great question. Honestly, I NEVER tell people to withdraw unless they’ve failed over and over again, and it’s obvious that they haven’t been able to put in the studying needed to pass the exam. For you, I think you should study as much as you can and take the exam this year anyway. Several reasons:
1. You have the best chance of passing the first year out of residency.
2. Taking the exam will give you experience with the boards. You can come home and highlight topics that you found yourself struggling with and really focus on them next year.
3. My prediction is that the overall pass rate for 2013 will be even HIGHER than the 2012 pass rate. You can read about it in the PBR article about the American Board of Pediatrics pass rates and their history.

Reasons NOT to take the exam:
1. If you fail, Ashish will need to honor the PBR First-Time Pass Guarantee and give you your money back!… Or maybe that’s a reason to take it anyway? 🙂

Hope this helps,
– Ashish

Ashah -

I will be 30-31 weeks pregnant while taking the exam. Any suggestion for managing break time? Instead of taking 60 minute break can I take smaller and frequent breaks?

Ashah -


Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Ashah,

If you want any exceptions made, you’ll have to actually ask the ABP to make special considerations. In all honestly, I doubtful that the pregnancy will afford you any special consideration… but you never know!

I’d give them a call, or send them an email to find out.

Would love to hear back from you after they get back to you with a decision.

Good luck!
– Ashish

Waleed Khan -

Hi Ashish
I am doing good re the core study material and I am hoping I will be able to finish it atleast 4 if not 5 times before the exam but I did not do enough q and answers. What do you suggest? Any thoughts or input will be appreciated. Please and thanks for all the great work

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Waleed,

If you truly feel that you have a good handle on the content, then it sounds like you have some work to do on question-answering strategies. I think that’s where the coaching program comes in, but I know that is something that was only available and affordable for a handful of people.

For you, I’d start looking at the questions that you get wrong and try to look for patterns.
– Are you second guessing yourself?
– Are you answer the actual question being asked, or are you selecting answers that do not necessarily answer the question being asked?
– Are you running out of time?
– Are you chasing answers that you’ve never heard of before?

There’s a LOT that goes into it… I hope this helps in some way.

– Ashish

Sarah-Jo -

Hi Ashish,

I’m having trouble getting the ABP Practice Exam/Mock Test to work properly…it doesn’t go past the tutorial 🙁 Any recommendations?


Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Sarah-Jo,

There’s often confusion around the tutorial that you’re referring to. I’m guessing you meant this one: ABP Tutorial

That area is simply for you to see what the user interface looks like. It has 5 questions, but NO answers. I think the best reason to visit that area is to read everything ahead of time and to familiarize yourself with the interface. Doing so will save you some brain drain on the morning of your exam, and will also decrease some of the stress and anxiety that could come with seeing software that you’ve never encountered before.

Hope that helps!

– Ashish

Vinh Nguyen -

Wonderful instruction & guideline, Ashish. It’s way better than ABP itself. It saves us lots of time & energy on this. Thank you very much.

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Quite welcome Vinh. Good luck on Thursday!


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