Pediatric Board Review with Free Pediatric Board Review Questions and Mnemonics

The Retention Maximizer - A Success Series" Webinar Replay


Learn How to Use the RETENTION MAXIMIZER Methodology to Learn & Remember More Than Enough Information to Pass Your Boards!

  1. AVOID DISASTER! Studying from a book + an MP3 course + a Live Course + a DVD course could be a GREAT way to study, but it could also be DISASTROUS! Learn how to figure what to run towards, and what to run away from like the plague!
  2. YOU MAY THINK I'M CRAZY - Can I tell you a story? PLEASE! It's about a group that destroyed my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, but taught me all about kids in the process. I promise... it'll be educational!
  3. ZITELLI WHO? Learn how to easily and QUICKLY incorporate the study of images with your "book studying."
  4. "MASTERMIND" YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS: Learn how you can get OTHERS to help you remember salient points that are critical to helping you pass your exam.
  5. IT'S REALLY NOT THAT COMPLICATED: Learn how to keep your studying experience so simple that it almost seems stupid.

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