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Traditional Live Pediatric Conferences Are BROKEN!

Live Pediatric Conferences Are BrokenIn this article we'll talk about:

  • Learning from board-certified pediatricians through an ONLINE version of a pediatric board review dvd course
  • The 7 Reasons Why Traditional Pediatric Conferences Are Broken
  • AT HOME or ON-THE-GO, mobile-friendly, alternative board review solutions
  • WEBINAR-BASED question & answer sessions that allow you to learn from content experts

The SOLUTION is a BLEND of proven strategies that allow for:

  1. Self-paced studying
  2. LIVE learning through a series of online webinars
  3. The ability to ask questions from content-experts!

Pediatric Board Review Online Video Course - Like a DVD Course but BETTER!


So, I'd like to start by simply stating a fact:

Live pediatric board review conferences ARE broken! 

The traditional board review courses surely served their purpose in the past, but given how much technology we have at our disposal these days, they no longer make any sense.

Here's a list of just some of the feedback I’ve heard from former Pediatrics Board Review members who went on to pass the pediatric boards after they had previously failed the pediatric while using other board review materials, including 3-6 day live conferences:

I spent $2000 or more on the conference alone, plus airfare, hotel, and car rental. Not to mention the time off I had to take from work. That was one expensive headache!

Do I really need to know about the 5 subsets of eczema? The subspecialists talked about so much random stuff that it left me lost.

I was essentially being forced to consume eight hours of content per day for three days on their schedule, and in their environment.

The material was so broad that I had no idea how to summarize it into just what I had to know for the boards. And if I zoned out for a few minutes, I had no idea if I missed something crucial or not.

The 7 Reasons Why Traditional Pediatric Conferences Are Broken

To summarize some of the above sentiments, and some of my own, I’ve put together this list of reasons why traditional board review conferences are so flawed.

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  1. EXPENSE: When you combine education and technology in an effective and EFFICIENT manner, they go very well together and DECREASE the cost of learning. There’s no reason you should have to incur a net loss of $2000 – $5000 (including lost work income) for your board review.
  2. YOUR TEACHERS SHOULD NOT BE SUBSPECIALISTS: When it comes to your board review, you should be educated by someone who is well-versed on one subject – THE BOARD-RELEVANT MATERIAL! Having a conference filled with subspecialists sounds good in theory because they seem intelligent and are able to discuss complex terminology and diseases in painstaking detail, but that is NOT what you need to know for the boards! The content presented by them is often too narrow, and too specific for the boards. You should stick to learning your CORE CONTENT from ONE EXCELLENT AND TRUSTED resource, and then get your QUESTIONS answered by experts. 
  3. BOARD PREP CANNOT BE A SPRINT: Whether it’s a 3-day conference or a 6-day conference, you can’t really expect to LEARN AND RETAIN everything you need to know for the boards during a day that’s PACKED with information. Can you? My board study was spread out over more than 300 hours and required MANY slow reviews of simple topics in order to LEARN them well. Sprinting through 6 days of in-depth content is NOT conducive to the long-term learning and the memory retention needed to pass your board exam.
  4. LIMITED INTERACTION WITH YOUR PEERS: You try to listen for 8 hours. By the end of the day you have a headache and you go back to your hotel room to recover. There are likely hundreds of pediatricians there, but no opportunity is made available to curate a study buddy group, peer-to-peer tutoring, or an online forum for you to connect with your peers when you're confused about a topic, or when you just need a shoulder to lean on during this very isolated time of your life.
  5. NO INTERACTION WITH YOUR TEACHERS: Unless you stalk one of the speakers at a break, you’re very unlikely to get a question answered since the conferences are often being video recorded and questions are discouraged (except for a 5-minute window of time at the end of the hour-long presentation). Plus, I would rather look something up than ask a question that might seem “dumb.”
  6. NO CHANCE TO REST AND DIGEST: If you are so overwhelmed with information that you can’t even process it, then all you’re doing for 3-6 days is acting as a scribe for your future self. Ultimately, you'll still need to go through a massive syllabus in slow and many notes in painstaking detail. So if that is the case, then what is the point? Why not just buy the DVD course and study at home on your own time?
  7. MULTIPLE RESOURCES ARE PROVIDED INSTEAD OF ONE, UNIFIED SET OF CONTENT: One of the most popular resources being used these days has about 5, dense booklets for you to study from. First, you signup for their $1600 course. Then, you spend even more money for travel and accommodations. PLUS, you also end up with a MASSIVE syllabus and is extremely different than their core study guides. Seriously? It feels great because you have SO MUCH information, but it's horrible because it essentially commits you entering a state of information overwhelm. Instead of asking you to learn from their core study guides, their speakers, AND their massive syllabus, shouldn’t all of the content be CONGRUENT and work together beautifully?


The Pediatric Board Review Online Video Course with LIVE Webinars

Pediatric Board Review Online Video Course - Like a DVD Course but BETTER!

This is a HYBRID & INTERACTIVE Experience of Online, Offline, Live & Recorded Resources! The PBR “OVC” includes:

  • 31 ONLINE VIDEOS COVERING 31 PBR CHAPTERS: Through the PBR Online Video Course, you learn your CORE CONTENT from videos that are almost 100% CONGRUENT with the material that is within the PBR Core Study Guide. It does NOT overwhelm you, and you can use your Core Study Guide as your syllabus.
  • EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITY BREAKS: These are included throughout the video course to help reinforce key topics. We want to make sure that you are listening and that you don't get bored, so we come up with interesting questions to keep you engaged. Many of these breaks include board-style QUESTIONS that are created by our OVC speakers. These questions are different than what is available in the PBR Q&A Book.
  • LIVE Q&A WEBINARS: You get access to LIVE webinars led by content experts to help answer your questions for EVERY chapter of the PBR Core Study Guide. Your educational journey should not START with subspecialists. Anyone who has taken the exam more than once can attest to this. Our speakers and webinar leaders do include subspecialists, but their role is to expand on topics just a little bit and to help answer YOUR QUESTIONS. During the Online Video Course LIVE WEBINARS, our speakers are carefully chosen and welcomed into the PBR community. They are instructed to keep their discussions focused on PBR content, and to work aggressively to answer YOUR board review questions so that you do not have to pick up a Nelson's or go down the black hole of Google.
  • ONLINE QUESTION PORTALS: A PRE-webinar question portal and POST-webinar question portal for EVERY PBR chapter. As an Online Video Course member, you can actually submit ANY content-related question to our panel of experts through a simple to use online form. Have a question about pulmonology? Fire away! Statistics? Fire away! We'll cover the questions and answers during the related webinar, and we will also answer questions from the portal for WEEKS after the webinar!
  • AN ONLINE GROUP FORUM: You get access to the PBR Facebook CREW! The “CREW” is an online pediatric forum filled with over 500  pediatricians who have used the same study materials that YOU are using. We also have board-certified PBR Alumni in there to support you. It's essentially like a built-in study group!
  • PACING TOOL: With my highly recommended PC or Mac tool, you can SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN your videos! By the end of the studying season, you might even be able to increase the speed of each video to twice the speed and then get through all 25 hours of content in just ONE DAY!

Again, if you're considering a visit to a LIVE conference, or even a different pediatric board review DVD course, or a different online video course, DON'T DO IT! There is NOTHING like the PBR Online Video Course & Live Conference to help you streamline your efforts and help you get through easy to understand core content over, and over, and over again.

So Click Image Below NOW & Get Started Immediately!

Pediatric Board Review Online Video Course - Like a DVD Course but BETTER!

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Passing the Pediatric Board Exam - Maximizing CRUNCH Time
Your 2017 Pediatric Board Review Books - A Sneak Peek

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