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This bundle comes with the live course PLUS the NO BRAINER bundle. The No Brainer is BY FAR the most common bundle for our initial certification exam test-takers. This is the recommended bundle for all moderate to high risk test-takers. You'll get everything needed to master the CONTENT, TEST-TAKING TECHNIQUE and COMMITMENT required to pass the boards.


Test Bundle

LIVE Test-Taking Strategies & Deep Study Course

LIVE Group Deep Dive Calls with Dr. Ashish Goyal

PBR's Online Test-Taking Strategies Course to Help Prep for Your Live Course

PBR's Core Study Guide in Hardcopy AND Online Formats

PBR's Q&A Book in Hardcopy AND Online Formats

THREE 90-Day Personalized Study Schedules Created by Team PBR

MP3 Audio Course in Streaming AND Downloadable Format

Full Online Video Course Covering all 31 Core Study Guide Chapters

Virtual Atlas of Pediatric Pictures

31 “ASK THE EXPERT” Question Portals

Access to 10 LIVE “ASK THE EXPERT” Summertime Q&A Webinars


Ashish Goyal, M.D.