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Pediatric Board Exam Results – Pediatrics Board Review (PBR)



New Pediatric Board Exam Results

Pediatric board exam results have varied over the years from the mid 70s to the high 80s due to changes in the ABP's scoring. Higher pass rates are achieved through planning and structure. For me, I am SO glad that I had this year's “results day” off. There was no warning at all; just BAM! It was such a roller coaster of emotions as the emails started pouring in that I’m sure I would not have been able to give my patients the attention they deserve.


I was flooded with emails thanking me for creating PBR, and also for making myself so available this past year. For many, it was their first time taking the exam, I’m still collecting the numbers, but almost everyone passed if it was their first attempt.

I’d love to know you did so PLEASE submit your results HERE (should take less than 30 seconds):

For others, it was their first time PASSING the exam after MULTIPLE attempts. Given that a “failed peds board exam” email always triggers sadness as I'm reminded of my own first experience with the boards, I especially felt connected to these docs' emails.

Although the ABP has refused my request to release statistics on how likely it is for repeat test-takers to pass the initial certification exam, my guess is that the PASS RATE for physicians who have failed once is probably around 30-40%, and for those who have failed more than once the pass rate is likely 10-20%. Given these estimations, emails and testimonials like this one hold so much value for me:

“Dear Ashish,

I just wanted to let you know that I have passed my boards. I used your book and your questions and all your suggestions as well as peggy's method and it truly made a difference.  You should know that your resources are quite valuable and you should be proud of what you have created. 

I would totally hug you right now (don't mean to be inappropriate), just feel very grateful and happy 🙂

Be well,


Suresh had failed the peds boards 3x prior to finding PBR and PBR Coaching.


Here’s another email:

“Put the test off because Click Here And Continue Reading…

Pediatric Board Exam Time Per Question, Number of Blocks & More

The Ins & Outs of TEST DAY!

As the pediatric board exam nears, I'm often asked the following questions:

  • Pediatric board exam time per question and pacing is something I struggle with. Can you help?
  • How many questions are on the pediatrics board exam?
  • What is the number of sections for the American Board of Pediatrics INITIAL board certification exam?

The information on the American Board of pediatrics website is a little confusing, so I've tried to clarify some things below. I try to address some of the more key information you will need on test day. In this article I'll talk specifically about the INITIAL pediatric board certification exam. You'll learn:

  • How many sections are administered for the initial certification exam
  • How many questions are on the peds exam
  • How many questions you can expect to see in each section
  • How much time per question to allot

The break up for the ABP Click Here And Continue Reading…

American Board of Pediatrics Exam Scoring Changes

I've received a tremendous number of questions about what the American Board of Pediatrics 2012 scoring changes might mean for this year's exam.

Are YOU Familiar With the Changes?

Before we get into my thoughts, let's recap the old scoring system and quickly go over the new scoring system.


SCORE RANGE: 0 – 800


SCORE RANGE: 0 – 300

So what does this mean for you? Click Here And Continue Reading…

For the Pediatric Board Exam, 2012 Might Be the Best Year Ever!

So the keyword is MIGHT, but I'm hopeful that it WILL be the best year to take the board exams in a very long time. The American Board of pediatrics has changed the way it grades and passes it's test-takers. From now on, it seems that as long as you correctly answer at least 70-75% of the exam questions, you will pass. This will be the first year but the American Board of pediatrics is trying this out. Many other specialty board exams have been using the system for very long time.

So what does this mean for you? Well, given that there is so much on the line this year for the American Board of Pediatrics (e.g., ABP scoring changes, grading changes, new computerized tests, etc.), I believe Click Here And Continue Reading…

The Pediatric Boards Pass Rate Could be 100% This Year!

I Know You Don't Believe It, But It's TRUE!

The pediatric boards pass rate had been horrendous for years. BUT, after a very long time, the the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) finally decided to make some long-needed changes in 2012. In the prior years, your grade was essentially determined based on a curve. The curve was meant to ensure that 20-25% of first-time test takers failed the pediatric boards resulting in a pediatric boards pass rate of about 75 – 80%. So, your chances of succes were determined by the mix of your peers. If your peers were smarter than you, that meant you were more likely to fail!

The ABP's New Way of Grading

Now, they have a new way of grading the initial certification exam. They finally decided to pass you the same way you were graded in elementary school. If you get more than a certain number of questions correct, you pass! That's it!

Based on my discussions with the American Board of Pediatrics, the number of questions you'll need to answer correctly will be Click Here And Continue Reading…