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Pediatric Board Review Online Video Course – A Solution to Broken, Live Conferences
Traditional Live Pediatric Conferences Are BROKEN! In this article we'll talk about: Learning from board-certified pediatricians through an ONLINE version[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Accommodations for Extra Time
Getting Special Test Center Accommodations for Your Exam Are you aware of the various American Board of Pediatrics accommodations that[...]
A Board of Pediatrics Overview
ABP Exam Overviews The American Board of Pediatrics overview article was very well received by both pediatricians planning on taking[...]
About the American Board of Pediatrics
What IS the ABP? The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is a large and mysterious entity for most of us.[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Pass Rates Revealed!
Why 2012’s Pediatric Board Exam Results Were AMAZING! Predicting the trend of the American Board of Pediatrics pass rates is[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Results – Pediatrics Board Review (PBR)
. Pediatric board exam results have varied over the years from the mid 70s to the high 80s due to[...]
Pediatric Board Exam Time Per Question, Number of Blocks & More
The Ins & Outs of TEST DAY!As the pediatric board exam nears, I'm often asked the following questions:Pediatric board exam time[...]
American Board of Pediatrics Exam Scoring Changes
I've received a tremendous number of questions about what the American Board of Pediatrics 2012 scoring changes might mean for[...]
For the Pediatric Board Exam, 2012 Might Be the Best Year Ever!
So the keyword is MIGHT, but I'm hopeful that it WILL be the best year to take the board exams[...]
The Pediatric Boards Pass Rate Could be 100% This Year!
I Know You Don't Believe It, But It's TRUE! The pediatric boards pass rate had been horrendous for years. BUT,[...]


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