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AAP PREP QUESTIONS – Learn How You SHOULD (and Should NOT) Use Them!



I often get asked, “What makes your pediatric study guide better than prep questions?” By “prep questions,” Regardless of whether pediatricians are referring to the questions released by the American Academy of Pediatrics every year (called PREP(R)),  or general board “prep” questions, my answer is the same (read on).

I also get asked, “I have 3 years worth of PREP questions of my own, and my chief resident gave me another 4 years worth. Is that enough? How many questions should I do?”

Shhhh it's a secret!


So here's the “secret” about the AAP PREP questions as they relate to the peds boards… they are NOT written by the American BOARD of Pediatrics (ABP). They are written by the American ACADEMY of Pediatrics (AAP). The names of these organizations are so similar (American ______ Pediatrics), that MANY pediatricians believe that they are one and the same.

THEY ARE NOT! But, the AAP's annual question series has somehow become the “go to” Q&A resources for the peds boards.

Many pediatricians also try to use it EXCLUSIVELY as their only source of study for the boards. I'm baffled by this. While PREP is a GREAT resource for anyone who is a board-certified pediatrician looking for CME, or for any NON-board certified pediatrician trying to simulate an ABP practice session, these questions should NOT be used as Click Here And Continue Reading…

Welcome to Pediatrics Board Review!

Ashish Goyal, MDHi! My name is Ashish Goyal, and I'm really excited to work with you as you prepare to pass the initial certification exam given by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). I created Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) to do one thing… help pediatricians and pediatric residents pass the boards on their FIRST try. PBR is a blog, a study guide, a social media study tool, and best of all, it's a community that you rely on for all of your pediatric questions.

I've heard so many stories about pediatricians failing the boards up to 3 times, and it's horrifying. THERE'S NO REASON THE AVERAGE PEDIATRICIAN CAN'T PASS! Trust me… I didn't do so well the first time, but I'm an average guy with an average brain, and I ended up passing the pediatric boards by  130 points.  Click Here And Continue Reading…

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