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Guidance For LOW RISK Test-Takers

Finally, a Simple Solution to Passing the Boards

Through a strategic and systematic approach towards pediatric board review, we’ve helped thousands of pediatricians pass the initial certification exam. From first-time test-takers to those who have previously failed up to 7 times with other board review companies, all have found success through PBR.

Clear Guidance... Easy-To-Use Resources... Unparalleled Support...

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Guidance For Test-Takers Who Are Low Risk

As a "low risk" test-taker, you’re in a great position to pass as long as you follow a proven path to success.


  • Many board review companies prefer to inundate you with so much information that you could never blame them if you fail. When in actuality, that may be the very reason you do! You become overwhelmed and unable to review the materials more than once. Other companies give you so little information that you waste time researching basic concepts in order to understand a topic.
  • In order to avoid BOTH of these scenarios, you need comprehensive yet streamlined study materials to help you master the topics that are proven to be on the boards.

Not sure if you are at "low risk" for failing the pediatric boards? Review the checklist below, or go through our RISK CALCULATOR and find out.

A pediatrician who is at "low risk" of failing the boards is one who...

  • Has never failed any medical board exams
  • Typically scores near, or above, the national average
  • Self-identifies as someone who is a good test-taker and generally does well on standardized board exams
  • Graduated from a US medical school
  • Was never “at risk” of failing the boards based on residency In-Training Exam scores
  • Comes from a residency program with a pass rate of greater than 90% (click here and check your residency's pass rate)
  • Will take the boards in the same calendar year as their graduation from residency
  • Scored at least a 222 on the USMLE Step 1

If the above list describes you perfectly, great! If there are some items that do not describe you, then you might be at moderate risk for failing the pediatric boards. And if you're not sure about your risk for failing the pediatric boards, go through our RISK CALCULATOR now and find out.

Next Steps For Low Risk Test-Takers

First, do not get comfortable! One of the biggest reasons why low risk test-takers fail the boards is overconfidence. This exam is different than any other exam you've taken, so take it very seriously.

Plan on setting aside 300 hours of prep time. Your studying should focus on a proven source of knowledge that is concise, manageable and repeatable. One that's been shown to consistently help pediatricians score above the national average through a multimodal approach to learning.

PBR offers a well-though-out and proven system that has helped thousands of members pass their boards on the FIRST TRY. It's a unified solution for all of your board study needs. If you can set aside those 300 hours, we'll show you exactly how to use them.

With the PBR Efficiency Blueprint (located in our study guide) and a Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee, we take on the risk for you.

Want the "Low Risk Pediatrician's Guide to Passing the Boards?"

What Our Low Risk Members Have to Say

Clear preparation... Very high yield material... Amazing support... I highly recommend it!

I appreciated how PBR gave clear preparation advice and very high yield material for the boards. Following this advice, I felt I was adequately prepared for the exam. I also appreciated that the PBR Team, Ashish, and the Facebook Crew were an amazing support and helped to keep me motivated through the studying process. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Shirley Chen  // Board Certified Pediatrician // All Access Pass Member

Listening to PBR lectures while commuting... Slide shows... Mnemonics...

So much relief! It was very helpful listening to PBR lectures while commuting to and from work (long commute). Slide shows also helpful to get a visual. REALLY appreciated the development stories, also other mnemonics.

Dr. Yi Wang  // Board Certified Pediatrician // All Access Pass Member

Smiling Female Doctor

Dr. Crystal Shen // Board Certified Pediatrician

I took the boards right after finishing residency last year and I highly recommend it. 

I looked through SDN and asked lots of former residents about lots of recommendations on what to use and I got a multitude of answers. But then I heard about PBR and... it worked out really well... It was high yield. I feel like a lot of other resources aren't as high yield in terms of the information that's on there, on all the weird little nitpicky things that you never learned during training and you'd never use while practicing. That was in PBR... I passed with a very comfortable margin.

Smiling Female Doctor

Dr. Crystal Shen // Board Certified Pediatrician

A LOT of the questions were VERBATIM topics addressed in PBR!!

As a resident I wanted to be proactive about preparing for my boards. What drew me to PBR is that the content [is] concise, manageable and affordable. I would listen to the audio on my commutes to reinforce key points. A LOT of the questions were VERBATIM topics addressed in PBR!! I also liked the online test taking strategy courses because it helped me work through the questions. I also recommend it to one of my co residents and they passed too!! Thank you ASHISH

Dr. Alrick Drummond // Board Certified Pediatrician // All Access Pass & Other Memberships

Smiling Pediatrician

Dr. Stephen Barbera  // Board Certified Pediatrician

I love PBR... I followed it to the letter and passed with flying colors with no issues whatsoever. 

There's a difference between studying to be a good physician... and then there's studying for the boards... I just needed the stuff that I needed to be able to pass the boards with no issues whatsoever. And I mean PBR had it in there... I followed it to the letter and passed with flying colors with no issues whatsoever. I felt very confident during the exam, walking out of each session going, WOW... I nailed this thing. And I did nail it. It's pretty awesome.

Smiling Pediatrician

Dr. Stephen Barbera  // Board Certified Pediatrician

I think they really understand how stressful this experience can be....

I found the context manageable so that I was able to go through it at least a few different times with various levels of detail... I passed which I attributed to the foundational knowledge I was able to focus through the PBR curriculum. Thank you for all of the help. In addition, throughout my experience with PBR, I found that the staff was very responsive when issues came up and customer service was always the priority. I think they really understand how stressful this experience can be.

Dr. Jason Rafferty // Board Certified Pediatrician //  Multiple PBR Memberships

The Benefits for Our Low Risk Members

Direct Path to Success

As a low risk test-taker, you will get a clear plan through the PBR Efficiency Blueprint. You'll know how many hours to set aside, how many times to review the material, how to use a multi-modal approach to learning to maximize results, and how to guarantee a pass.


We know how busy your 3rd year of residency, your first year as a fellow or your first year as an attending can be. Adding studying to that isn't exactly fun. So we cut out the extra information that is NOT needed to pass. With congruent resources working synergistically together, you can leverage your time at home, in the car, and at work.

100% Pass Guarantee

We believe so strongly in our proven track record to help our members pass that we put a Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee on it. 

Community Support

Never feel stuck in isolation while studying again! You will get access to our entire members-only community taking the same exam and studying the same materials. Even our board certified PBR alumni are here to help answer questions about pediatrics, or just questions on how to survive such a long exam!

Priority Customer Service

PBR knows how stressful this exam can be. After all, PBR was created by me (Ashish Goyal, a double-boarded physician). When you have questions, or are in need of technical support, our #1 goal is to help you quickly and completely. And if you have a question that only I can answer, no problem. Just ask!

It's The "Easy Way"

You are at "low risk" because you know how to study, how to answer exam questions, and how to work hard. You can study mounds of information, and go to a live course, and do this the "hard way". Or, for the price of an extra shift, you can use a streamlined system that helps pediatricians just like you score above the national mean.

Pass your exam on your first try... GUARANTEED.

We have a Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee, and we also offer a 30-day refund policy for our "All Access Pass" and "No Brainer" memberships. For other memberships, our hardcopy products come with a 30-day refund policy and our digital resources come with a 48-hour refund policy so that you can make sure you have the best fit. If you aren't completely satisfied, just ask and we will gladly refund your purchase price.

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Pediatrics Board Review No Brainer

Test-Taking Strategies For ALL Risk Categories!

A focus on Test-Taking Strategies should be on the minds of everyone taking the Initial Certification exam. If you plan on studying 300-500 hours but have subpar test-taking skills, you will be in real danger of failing.

  • For low risk test-takers, we recommend investing just 8 hours of time over 2-3 months in the Full Online Test-Taking Strategies Course
  • We also recommend that you avoid paying full price for the Full Online Test-Taking Strategies Course. Sign up for the No Brainer package and get everything in the All Access Pass PLUS the Full Online Test-Taking Strategies Course PLUS up to THREE 90-Day Personalized Schedule.

In comparison to the number of hours and the expense associated with repeating the exam, the investment of time and money into the No Brainer, or into the Full Online Test-Taking Strategies Course, is a small one. If you have any questions at all, please reach out now. 

Just ask Dr. Yessenia Castro (click play above), or click one of the buttons below.

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