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Pediatric Board Exam Results for 2014

The Exam Results For 2014 Are In!

I can’t believe the pediatric board exam results for 2014 are already here, and so early this year! Based on the emails I'm getting, it was a GREAT year to take the exam. Since I failed the first time I took the boards, I’m especially happy to hear that PBR made the difference for SO many repeat exam takers who previously failed the pediatric boards. It wasn’t all good news, though, and my heart really goes out to those who didn’t make the mark.



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Let's See Some of The Highlights From 2014 PBR Members


BSO Passed her Pediatric Board Exam On Her First Try. She says, "I feel very grateful to have passed on first attempt, I don't know if I would have been as well prepared with limited amount of time I had to study given had just started my first attending job and am a new mom of a now 10 month old :) My family is ecstatic and so am I! - BSO"


This was NOT Christine's First Time Taking the Boards

Christine Passed her Pediatric Board Exam After Failing 3 Times. Christine says, "Most importantly I have found a system that is easy to digest and available in 3 different formats! Peggy and Ashish have been like my Fairy God parents! I could not have been so confident and believe that I could pass without them. The crew has been a great support group. Reminds you that there are people out there going through the same situation. I am so honored to be a part of my PBR family and I look forward to continue my educational journey with the PBR learning system. Christine"


Dr. Shayan Vyas received one of the highest scores I've EVER seen! Shayan FAILED the boards MULTIPLE times before finding PBR and the PBR COACHING program.

Dr. Shayan Vyas, FAAP had an experience that clearly proves what I say over and over again…

Passing this exam is NOT about being a great physician.

It's about knowing WHAT to study… FOLLOWING THROUGH on a well thought out study plan… and having proper TEST-TAKING TECHNIQUE so that you can correctly answer board style questions in a consistent and systematic manner.

Congrats Shayan!

Dr. Shayan Vyas Passed His Pediatric Board Exam After Previously Failing. Dr. Vyas says, "Thank you Coach Peggy and Ashish. I took a blind leap of faith to trusting PBR + Coach Peggy and it paid off! Passed with flying colors! Dr. Shayan Vyas"


Amit Passed His Pediatric Board Exam


Amy Passed Her Pediatric Board Exam With Some Coaching Love


Amy Passed Her Pediatric Board Exam


Jamie Passed her Pediatric and Internal Medicine Board Exam in 2014


Larry Passed - First Try - Using Pediatrics Board Review Alone


Michelle Passed the Pediatric Board Exam



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So what did we do in 2014?

  • Online Video Course (AKA the OVC or Online “DVD” Course): PBR alumni and I made videos covering all 29 chapters from the 2014 edition of the Pediatrics Board Review Core Study Guide.
    • I hosted some free instructional webinars for the general public on how to prepare for the boards. There were requests for more, but I just didn't have the time. Hopefully there will be even more in 2015.
    • The Online Video Course had live webinars for every chapter. We covered questions and “bonus” material for OVC members. I also showed people how to SPEED through the video content to get through 25 hours of material in a fraction of the time.
    • The PBR Coaching webinars were EXCELLENT this year. I expect they'll actually replace the free pre-recorded webinar access that PBR FOR LIFE! members get.

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Download the Pediatric Dermatology and Gastroenterology Chapters Now

  • MP3 Audio Course: I decided to make 29 chapter audios available for download or stream from ANY internet-enable device. I couldn't believe how ecstatic the community was about. I almost didn't even make it!
  • Custom Study Schedules: We created individualized Excel spreadsheets mapping out entire study schedules, including the number of pages to study per day, the number of questions to do per day, when to take mock exams, when to take days off, etc. PBR members gave us a list of days they could study, how many hours, and how fast they were getting through a page in the PBR study guide, and we took care of the rest. It was a CRAZY idea, but it helped enough people focus their energy that we might offer it again and see what the 2015 results are like.
  • Online Picture Atlas: PBR's Virtual Atlas of Pediatric Pictures (VAPP) was launched in 2014 and members could access about 350 high-yield images from their iPhone, iPad, any smartphone, tablet or desktop with an internet connection. Plus, we upgraded just about everyone to a lifetime membership so that when we update the links for 2015, 2016, 2017 and beyond… they'll ALWAYS have access to the most updated version of the pediatric picture atlas.

Watch the PBR Online Picture Atlas in Action!

  • Faster Online Study Guide and Q&A BOOK: Because of the growing PBR membership, I transferred the website to a faster and more secure web server. It cost me thousands of dollars, but when the site was being attacked by African hackers about a week before the 2014 exam, I slept like a baby.
  • Online Guides Available On Mobile Devices: Honestly, I'm not sure how this happened, but our scrolling PDF-like versions of the Core Study Guide and the Q&A book did NOT used to work on the iPhone or iPad. NOW THEY DO! We didn't do any magic, but I think it's amazing that members who got the Ultimate Bundle Pack now essentially have online access to the PBR materials anywhere and at anytime.
  • More Coaching Slots & Interactions: We opened a few more slots in 2014 for the Coaching program. We usually limit it to 8 students per month, but we were able to accommodate a few extras. We also allowed more calls to go through to the Coach per week. Plus, we provided a 3-day group refresher course with PBR's Coach at no additional charge. Like any skill, mastering test-taking techniques takes some time. The increased access to PBR's Coach made a tremendous difference for some pediatricians who have been trying to pass this board exam for 4 – 5 years!
  • YOU and the PBR Community: The Facebook messages above show that the “CREW” is a family. I love how everyone helps each other out. Whether it's answering a nagging question, or telling your family member that s/he is being neurotic and needs to get back to the core material, PBR CREW-mates are providing moral and education support right up until the day of the exam. It's like having a study group of HUNDREDS of physicians. Some board certified (PBR alumni and PBR members studying for the ABP MOC exam), and some trying to get that American Board of Pediatrics “seal of approval.”

Download the Pediatric Dermatology and Gastroenterology Chapters Now

Looking back on 2014, I'm actually quite shocked at how much was accomplished. We took on some pretty big ideas and managed to implement them prior to the boards. The reason I'm shocked is because these projects were implemented in the midst of the Goyal family welcoming into the world two beautiful premie baby girls!

Ashish holds Saya and Zara Goyal together for the first time.

They were TINY and spend about a month in the NICU. It was a surreal experience to go from 1 child to 3 children, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Now that they're a little older and we're actually getting some sleep, I can't wait to see what Team PBR and I come up with for the PBR CREW in 2015!

The whole G-CREW. All under one roof.


So many ideas, so little time!

I finally have a few other people helping me with PBR. They're not cheap, and I was unable to make payroll this month… but that's a story for another time.

In 2015, I hope to see the following goals achieved:

  • More Webinars! I actually really enjoy doing these, but they take a TON of time to prepare. They also open up a can of worms because of all of the questions that come to me afterwards. BUT, I'm hoping the next goal will help with this.
  • Dedicated Mobile Books: This is probably one of those things that I could knock out in a week, but I simply haven't felt like there were many people who desperately want this. Do you? If you think that having the PBR Core Study Guide and Q&A books in a dedicated Kindle format, or an iBooks format for the iPhone and iPad is something you'd love, please contact me. The logistics of creating the books is a little confusing to me, but I know I can figure it out. I just need to know if it'll actually be a worthwhile addition to the PBR arsenal for you.
  • New Videos and MP3s! I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to do it, but I think I'd like to get YOUR help (from those of you who passed) to help me with the videos again this year. PBR Alumni loved helping with the project. They enjoyed teaching. They enjoyed getting paid. And they enjoyed helping other pediatricians that were in the same troubling spot they were in just a year or two ago. We'll then create new MP3s as well so that you can make that painful commute to work just a little more palatable.
  • Flashcards? I never really used them, but it looks like that's one of the last things I need to create to help you guys out. Any volunteers? Well… not really volunteers, but more like interested parties. I'd like to work with you on a paid basis to POSSIBLY create flashcards that could be made available by approximately July for pediatricians studying for their initial certification boards. Interested? Contact me!
  • Monthly Corrections & Clarifications? Maybe… A PBR Alum has joined me to edit the entire PBR prior to the release of the 2015 edition. I think it would be AWESOME if he and I could work together to answer questions as they come in. Possibly every single month. Possibly putting out a corrections and clarifications guide MONTHLY!
  • More Goyal Time for things like WEBINARS, VIDEOS and FLASHCARDS! Since I have some PBR Helpers now, I'd like to start letting them help me with email responses that I know they can handle. Website help, questions about PBR resources, assistance with upgrades, etc. They can also hopefully help me with some of the other business related stuff so I can focus more on providing you with additional help towards passing your pediatric board exam.

Is that enough? OH! I almost forgot… The PBR has hit a 100% pass rate for the MOC recertification exam (Ultimate Bundle Pack users), and the pass rate is well over 90% for the initial certification exam for FOUR years in a row. BUT, wouldn't it be cool to have a 100% INITIAL certification pass rate? Well… that's my goal. I think it'll be like Vegas. If it happens… I'll quit while I'm ahead.

Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading this until the end.

Also, thanks to everyone who have contacted with their results. If you haven't shared your results with me and Team PBR yet, we'd LOVE to hear from you.

Even If You’re NOT A PBR Member



Ashish Goyal, M.D.

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