2018 Pediatric Board Exam Results and Insights to Help in 2019

Pediatrics Board Review (2018) – Insights to Help for 2019

Pediatric Board Exam Results – 2018!

It's been a long wait, but it's wonderful to see that the 2018 pediatric board exam results are FINALLY out! We are SO PROUD of our PBR members. The scores the stories that have been wonderful. To have members say that we have changed their lives has been nothing less than humbling. Our members are also providing feedback on making the resources we have even better so that the PBR system continues to be the best pediatric board review available. While we are known for being the premier resource for anyone at moderate to high risk of failing the pediatric boards, the results below will help you see that if we can help pediatricians pass after SIX failed attempts, helping you pass the pediatric board exam should be easy.


Today, I'm especially proud of the many members that have turned a failed pediatric boards experience into a passing one. Many of them were the pediatricians that I coached and mentored personally in in our Live Test-Taking Strategies & Deep Study Course in Atlanta. All of those wonderful emails and messages have been tugging on my heart strings because helping doctors FINALLY pass after they have had MULTIPLE failed attempts is one of the greatest accomplishments that my team and I look forward to every year! Here's an example of an email that we received from a Live Test-Taking Strategies Course member:

Tears of joy are wonderful. No thank you could ever be sufficient for all the support and guidance from Ashish and PBR over the past couple of years. Ashish who truly cares and believes in each individual person and helps guide them. I honestly used to laugh at the people who said they improved by 30 or more points, didn't think it was possible. It’s more than possible with PBR and can't thank Ashish enough! I failed each of the past 3 years not even getting within 5 points of passing. I never ever thought of quitting or giving up. I went all in with PBR including the core study guide (8X!!), all access pass including the videos and audio, live test taking strategies course and a 2 hour 1-on-1 session with Ashish after having a moment of revelation. LISTEN to this man. Follow his advice word for word. I finally PASSED on the 4th attempt! I improved my score by 42 points!!! It takes an army to go through this. I had to sacrifice being with my family, but we did it together. I hope and pray everyone reading this that's ever failed or struggled with test taking in general to not give up hope. It can be done. Cheers!

Dr. Russell Zwiener, Board Certified Pediatrician

Russ passed on his FOURTH attempt. And here's a video of Dr. Yessenia Castro, who finally passed on her FIFTH attempt because she followed all of the advice that PBR had to offer. Now she's making about $20,000 more per year, and she's in a job that she loves! I had the chance to meet her at the American Academy of Pediatrics' conference and even recorded this little great little video.

Caught On Tape At the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference

Here's another video from the American Academy of Pediatrics conference. It's a conversation between a PBR alum and a resident in training. Watch the ENTIRE thing (it's only 2 minutes).

The last 15 seconds still give me goose bumps!



(The “PBR AAP” is about 50% off of the total value of the package!)

Here's what I'm going to cover in today's article:

  • The pediatric board exam pass rate for the first-time test-taker, and for the first-time PBR test-taker
  • Solutions to the most common obstacles to passing (including MONEY, TIME and FOCUS)
  • The SINGLE resource you need (and a special offer) to help you confidently and EFFICIENTLY pass the American Board of Pediatrics initial certification exam (or MOC exam)
  • FEEDBACK from recent PBR test-takers on how to pass the pediatric board exam
  • SUCCESS STORIES and success messages from 2018 PBR members
  • TROUBLESHOOTING through the “INTROSPECTION CHECKLIST” (for anyone who failed)
  • A free WEBINAR REGISTRATION signup opportunity for anyone taking an American Board of Pediatrics initial certification or recertification exam within the next 12 months


TUESDAY, December 18th, 2018 at 8 PM EST

Pediatric Board Review Success Webinar Registration

Space might be limited.

If you’re taking the boards in 2019, this webinar is for you! CLICK HERE & JOIN ME!



If you are preparing for your American Board of Pediatrics pediatric board exam (2019), please take the time read everything in this article. Team PBR and I are going to make sure that our 2019 pediatric board review course and the PBR Certification System allow your next attempt to be a success. Also, you should consider securing 1 of the 16 slots for our March LIVE Test-Taking Strategies Course. It WILL sell out and you will not regret taking this active step towards passing the boards.


Overall, the feedback has been wonderful about the entire PBR Certification System. The major categories of feedback have been around the following:

  • The EFFICIENCY provided by PBR through its concise, innovative and digital resources is unlike any other pediatric board review course available.
  • The SUPPORT that Team PBR provides is also unparalleled (logistical support, moral support, assistance with the creation of more Personalized Study Schedules than every before, timely responses from Ashish and the team, and so much more).
  • It's apparently “EASY” if you just follow the plan.

  • The CONTENT is excellent, concise, high-yield, and board relevant. It is more than enough to help you pass, but not so much that it overwhelms you!
    • Dr. Stephen Barbera is a former Chief Resident who did quite a bit of research before choosing PBR. He noted that there's a BIG difference between studying to be an amazing clinician and studying to take the boards.

  • The TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES courses made the difference! For many people that have struggled with passing a board exam in the past because they were average (or below average) standardized test-takers, the test-taking strategy courses offered by PBR completely altered their way of processing questions.
    • Dr. Frances Liu was able to get off of anxiety medications, date and eventually get engaged after passing with the help of the Live Test-Taking Strategies & Deep Study Course.

  • The DEEP STUDY teachings that were life-changing. For the members that attended the Live Test-Taking Strategies Course, they were fortunate enough to get 2 lectures on learning how to learn! The lectures were centered around breaking horrible habits related to how we currently study, placing boundaries in life for ourselves and for the people around us, figuring out the right cadence for studying depending on your own personal situation, learning how to FOCUS during your studying and so much more. There is LOW QUALITY studying and there is HIGH QUALITY studying, and you need HIGH QUALITY studying to maximize your chances of passing the boards. Again, these lectures series is reserved for our Live Test-Taking Strategies Course members.


Before reading some of PBR's many success stories, we'd love to know HOW YOU DID in 2018! Pass OR fail, click here now and let us know! Especially if you failed because you used a non-PBR resource, PLEASE reach out to us so that we can help you pass too!

Tell us your highs, tell us your lows, tell us how the results have affected your family, tell us how the results have affected your plans for the future and tell us your insights about this challenging exam.



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Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 01


Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 02

Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 03

Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 04

Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 05

Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 06

Passed Pediatric Board Exam - FB Message - 07

SOLUTIONS to Your Most Common Obstacles

Are you unsure about the PBR because you don't know if the content will be a good fit? If so, that's the EASIEST obstacle for us to solve for you. Start by taking advantage of PBR's FREE resources to “try before you buy”  in order to make sure it's a great fit. If it's a good fit, then jump in ASAP because we're offering you an opportunity to signup for our NEW PBR ALL ACCESS PASS. The content is new. The videos are new. The MP3 downloadable audio is new. Like much of the PBR Certification System, there is NOTHING like this in the world of board review.

Plus, we've released the PREORDER SPECIAL for the PBR ALL ACCESS PASS (aka the “PBR AAP”), which will tackle ALL of the common problems faced by pediatricians studying for the boards, such as:

  • I don't have enough MONEY to get all of those amazing resources. Heck, I can't even afford a single DVD course from “that other” board review company.”
  • I can't pass because I can't find TIME to go through all of board review material I need to.
  • I can't seem to just sit down and FOCUS on studying. I get so BORED!

Through the real PBR member feedback below, it's clear that the PBR Certification System is built to address and solve all of these problems.


Thank you guys so much… I loved all of PBR –the customer support, the value for the money, online books, mobile compatibility, but if I had to pick one thing I'd say how the PBR was distilled down to what we actually need to know—not the whole peds bible. Very practical accessible knowledge (at my fingertips)!

– Dr. Lucy


It's easy to read and the book itself is short enough to not feel overwhelming. The memory aids were very helpful and also broke up the detailed content which made it easier to study for longer stretches.

– Dr. Roe


The PBR actually focuses on learning what you need to know for the TEST instead of just throwing tons of material at you… The reliability of the PBR staff was fantastic… The core concepts book was invaluable in terms of focusing on high yield material… I had to realize that studying for the boards was a practical endeavor about learning what was needed to get test questions correct, NOT learning more about pediatrics in general. Team PBR kept emphasizing this which helped so much in keeping me focused on important content and test-taking strategies.

– Dr. SN


The board preparation process is filled with MADNESS. There is fear, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, lack of time, lack of money, lack of high quality guidance and lack of ongoing support.

The PBR Certification System was created to provide you with an EFFICIENT blueprint to walk you through your board preparation process in a step-by-step manner. By working with thousands of pediatricians and really listening to them, I have been able to create a systematic approach that has even helped people pass after SIX previously failed attempts! Plus, you receive ongoing guidance and support through the blueprint, through our emails and through our private online, members' only support group.

In order to make your decision easy, we've created the PBR ALL ACCESS PASS (the “PBR AAP”).

The “PBR AAP” will:

  • Destroy any of your concerns about MONEY.
  • Give you congruent study content across SEVERAL hardcopy and digital resources
  • Allow you to study as a COMMUNITY
  • Give you many ways to study and find out what WORKS FOR YOU
  • Allow you to maximize your EFFICIENCY
  • Help you FOCUS on the most high-yield and important topics
  • Establish the correct MINDSET to reduce anxiety and increase your confidence

The goal is to ensure that you pass on your first try with PBR, and that's why PBR gives you a Money Back First-Time PASS GUARANTEE. The PBR AAP is the only SYSTEM available for pediatricians, and it is PROVEN to help you pass.

Failing the boards will easily cost you over $5000 in fees, study resources, time off, etc. Team PBR is here to ensure your time, energy, emotional and financial investments result in a passing score. Which is why we've made sure that the All Access Pass is THE ONLY STUDY RESOURCE YOU WILL NEED.


You can now sign up for a full 12 months of access to ALL of PBR's content and knowledge base resources at a special bundled price that gives you 50% off!

The ALL ACCESS PASS was created because we want you to stop thinking about which PBR resource you're going to use. Our resources are synergistic and are meant to be used together to allow for maximum efficient and repetition. For an enrollment fee that is less than the cost of a single pediatric board review DVD course, you get more value than any other board review course AND you get resources, support, a community, and a SYSTEM that nobody else has.



PLUS… Access to a $197 Webinar on test-taking strategy to help answer board-style questions… 

Total Value for all of the above…
= $1992

Sign up now pediatric board review all access pass

The special bundled enrollment fee gives you over 50% off!

Our sincere goal is to help you and other pediatricians avoid the same experience of failure that I had.

Through the PBR All Access Pass, we genuinely believe that WE HAVE REMOVED MONEY AS A BARRIER to helping you make your decision (other board review programs charge $1600 for a video course or live course while you get ALL of our pediatric knowledge base resources for less than $1000). 

If you are getting the sense that we actually DO have a clue about the board review process, and that we know how to get you a passing score on the boards, then sign up for the PBR All Access Pass now. You'll also get a bonus 2-hour test-taking strategy webinar with me (regularly $197) for FREE, and if you need help mapping out a study study schedule, then you can also request a PERSONALIZED SCHEDULE from Team PBR. The Personalized Schedule is NOT available to general PBR members, but we will accept orders for this unique resource from our AAP members.

We Will Map Out Your A Personalized Study Schedule

Sign up now for the pediatric board review all access pass

Was the 2018 First-Time Pass Rate for PBR 98-99% Again!?!

So far, YES!

The national pediatric board exam pass rate for first-time test takers taking of the American Board of Pediatrics the initial certification exam has ranged from 81% – 88% over the past few years. For the MOC exam, pass rates have been > 95%.

The Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) pass rate was 100% for all pediatricians taking the ABP MOC Exam for multiple years, and the first-time pass rate for the initial certification exam test-takers has consistently been 98%-99%.

This is based on surveys, email responses and the almost nonexistent requests received from pediatricians asking to cash in on PBR's 100% Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee!


By looking through data from thousands of PBR orders, I've been able to gather information that should be eye-opening to anyone who is contemplating the idea of becoming a PBR member.

    • Out of 1000 PBR orders, on average less than 10 will result in a REFUND request due to dissatisfaction with the materials (sometimes refunds are processed due to double orders or similar technical glitches, so we don't count those). That is a refund request rate of LESS THAN 1%, which means a SATISFACTION RATE OF 99%!
    • Out of over 1000 PBR orders, on average we receive less than 10 requests for the MONEY BACK FIRST-TIME PASS GUARANTEE! That is less than 1%!


Download the Pediatric Dermatology and Gastroenterology Chapters Now



CLICK HERE & Share Your Own Experience With Us Now!



PBR is a comprehensive and integrated SYSTEM of education and efficiency. It is tailored to YOUR needs as a busy, and oftentimes overwhelmed, physician.

Team PBR and I only pursue projects for YOU if we TRULY believe they are wanted, needed, and will HELP.

For example, you will notice that MANY of the messages we get are from HAPPY members who mention PBR's Test-Taking Strategies courses. These courses show you how to break down and answer board style questions SYSTEMATICALLY. It's a unique course and it's not available through any other board review course out there. Not through any board review course in pediatrics, internal medicine, orthopedics, OB/Gyn or ER.


Dr. Shayan Vyas FAILED the boards MULTIPLE times before finding PBR's Test-Taking Strategies & Coaching course. Shayan's score report showed one of the HIGHEST scores I have ever seen. Again, this exam is NOT about your abilities as a physician. It's about knowing WHAT to study… HOW to study it… FOLLOWING THROUGH on a well thought out study plan… and having proper TEST-TAKING TECHNIQUE so that you can correctly answer board style questions in a consistent and systematic manner.

PBR's Certification System covers ALL of that!


Click Here Now and Learn Techniques That Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Board Scores Within Minutes

Download the Pediatric Dermatology and Gastroenterology Chapters Now


    • GUIDANCE: The PBR website is filled with excellent resources to guide pediatricians on what to study, how to study, how to mentally approach the exam, how to structure your exam day, and MUCH more.
    • YOU and the PBR Community: For many PBR members, the PEER support system that PBR has created through the PBR Facebook CREW is a lifesaver. It's so easy to get lost, down and depressed during board preparation. Having others to lean on during those dark times is priceless for some members as they sought advice on subject matter, time management, study techniques, or even just a little bit of motivation.
    • CONGRUENCE: The PBR resources are all built around the PBR Core Study Guide. Although there is a video course, an MP3 course, an online version of the Core Study Guide, etc., they are ALL based on the same content. This allows for seamless and EFFICIENT repetition and MASTERY of a core set of content that is PROVEN to help you pass your board exam.
    • INNOVATION: I am NEVER happy with the status quo. If there is a NEW way that I can help at least 25% of you study more effective or more efficiently, I WILL create it. Plus, I see Team PBR as a group of pioneers in the area of board review. That's why we have our Certification System with new technological advances and creations every year to help you study better and faster. Examples of our innovative efforts include…
      • An Online Video Course created with the help of our PBR alumni
      • Multiple versions of online study guides (desktop, mobile, searchable, full screen, etc.)
      • Test-Taking Strategy Courses on mastering board-style questions
      • MP3 audio courses (streaming or downloadable)
      • A Virtual Atlas of Pediatric Pictures that's available to you from any web-enabled deviceWatch the PBR Online Picture Atlas in Action!
      • CUSTOMIZED and personalized study schedules based on YOUR availability. This isn't something that we can offer everyone, but we have mapped out up to 180 days of study time for many of our members to help them structure and visualize their plan of attack. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS FOR YOUWe Will Map Out Your A Personalized Study Schedule
      • PEER support community which includes ONLY members of the PBR family
      • WEBINARS! – LIVE and recorded webinar to increase access to me and to experts on the PBR resources
      • TEAM PBR! – Our support team gets emotionally invested in YOUR success and your happiness during this challenging time.


Start by going through the “Introspection Checklist” and joining me for PBR's SUCCESS WEBINAR! Success-In-2018-Webinar-Registration.jpg

Pediatric Board Success - Webinar Registration


Reading emails from doctors who failed is one of the hardest parts of this “labor of love” that I call PBR. But, it's a cycle. The pediatricians who failed in 2017 are the same ones I've guided to success in 2018. The pediatricians that have failed in 2018 are the same ones that I'll guide to success in 2019.

After all, I've been there. I failed my own pediatric board exam, and then I went on to demolish it the following year.

Plus, I've helped thousands of pediatricians pass. So if you've failed the boards, PLEASE reach out. It should be clear that I know how to get you the score you need. The PBR Certification System and the PBR COMMUNITY are here to support you in your goals of passing the boards and then moving on with your life!

I'd also like to share some specific information that might help you ACE the next exam with flying colors.

“I feel lost. What should I do now?”

When someone fails, this is the first question that I get. The answer depends on a number of factors. You only have a 7-year window after you finish your pediatric residency to pass the initial certification boards. So my first questions is usually, “Are you still eligible to take the test at least one more time?”

I Failed, and I'M STILL ELIGIBLE to Take My ABP Initial Certification Exam.

Our lives are so much more complicated these days than they were back in medical school. Most of us have a job, a partner in life and maybe even a kid. Plus, our access to medical and board review information is SO vast that trying to study in a focused manner feels impossible.

Along with “lack of time” and “information overwhelm,” there are MANY other reasons why good pediatricians fail the pediatric board exam.


In order to move forward with the correct mindset, you MUST look back and go through the following INTROSPECTION CHECKLIST of questions to see where you might have gone wrong. Once you have answers to these questions you will be able to start creating a strategic plan of attack for your next attempt at the boards.

      1. WHAT DID YOU USE TO STUDY? You should be using something that can systematically guide you to a passing score. It should contain high-yield information and have a proven track record. Traditional board review companies are okay. They will work, but for the average pediatrician they are much more time intensive and anxiety-provoking than they need to be. The PBR Certification System has a STRONG focus on efficiency… technology… mobile compatibility… test-taking skills… and peer support. And if it's good enough to help pediatricians pass after SIX failed attempts, it's definitely good enough for you.
        • BUT I DID USE THE PBR: It's clear from the testimonials on this page is that PBR is an amazing resource that can help first-time test takers pass the boards… AND it can help people finally pass the boards after they have failed FIVE, SIX and even SEVEN TIMES! While you are not alone (yes, people who use the PBR can actually fail), the likelihood of actually failing when you follow PBR's blueprint is extremely low. Although PBR does offer a 100% Money Back First-Time Pass Guarantee, there is actually very little that PBR can do to guarantee that you'll follow the PBR blueprint. PBR also cannot guarantee that you will put in place quality study time instead of studying after a hard day of work. We also cannot guarantee that you will go through the material 3-5 times, or that you will take advantage of ALL of the efficient resources that we have available to assist with repetition and mastery of the content. PBR also cannot guarantee that you will have a good handle on test-taking techniques if you don't go through the course and PRACTICE with about 1000 questions. PBR also cannot guarantee that you'll be conscientious enough to take some time off before the boards to study. After reading the above, are there things that are coming to mind that you could've done differently? PLEASE take a very honest look at how you prepared. Then come up with some strategies for yourself, your family and even your employer to make sure the same things DO NOT present as obstacles again.
        • I DID NOT USE THE PBR: If you believe that you did everything right but you still failed, then the resource(s) that you used were either TOO overwhelming, or just TOO basic. Many of the board review companies fail to create resources that are “congruent.” Meaning, resources that are similar to each other. For example, one of the most popular board review programs has a set of books that is EXTREMELY DENSE. The set of books is already overwhelming, but then the company also has a pediatric board review DVD course (and a live course) that is surprisingly VERY different than the core set of review books. Many pediatricians have shared with me that they could barely get through the material even ONE TIME. I would NEVER claim that the “only” way to pass the exam is by using PBR. But, I DO claim that the PBR GIVES YOU THE BEST CHANCE of passing the boards. If you're a genius with excellent test-taking strategies, you'll pass with GOOD OR BAD materials. But if you're like me, then you're an average test-taker who may have even failed a medical board exam in the past. What you need is a SINGLE system that was created by someone who understands how YOU think. A system that focuses on curating board-relevant information that you MUST know. A system that focuses on simplifying the complex. PBR does ALL of that for you. It also ensures that all of the resources are tied to each other and built on the core content of the program (the Core Study Guide and the Q&A book).
      2. DID YOU SET ASIDE ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY? Most pediatricians will need to spend about at least 300 hours studying for the initial certification exam. Do you think that you did that? Do you have any REAL sense of the number of hours you spent studying versus the number of hours you spent on PRACTICING the art of answering board-style questions? If you found yourself being pulled in too many directions (family responsibilities, social obligations, challenging work situation, etc.) you MUST take some time to learn how to create a study schedule for yourself, or you MUST signup for the PBR All Access Pass and then ask US to create a Personalized Schedule for you (fee applies).Time is the ONE thing you can't get back. Maximize it!
      3. WHAT WAS THE “QUALITY” OF YOUR STUDY TIME? WERE YOU ENGAGED IN “DEEP STUDY” DURING YOUR STUDY SESSIONS? Were you “cramming” in the last few days? Were you trying to study after long days at work, or when you were already tired? Did you have set study hours, or were you just kind of “winging it”? Did you find yourself sacrificing your study time for other chores, errands or duties? Did you avoid your study materials because the process of studying felt too overwhelming and daunting? Think hard and please be honest with yourself.
      4. DID YOU GO THROUGH YOUR REVIEW MATERIALS NUMEROUS TIMES? Everyone is unique, but my strong recommendation is that you go through the Core Study Guide and the Q&A Book at least 3 times if you're taking the board for the first time, and you go through those materials at least 5 times if you have failed ANY medical board exam in the past. Did you do that? If so, did you do that with quality and ACTIVE studying? Reading through it once or twice under poor study conditions will NOT get you the score you need to pass. Also, while listening to the MP3s on your way to work is a PHENOMENAL way to reinforce the core content, it's a PASSIVE way of learning. Therefore, you might NOT want to count an MP3 round of studying as one of your 5 rounds of review this year. My recommendation for you this year is to go through the material in a quality and ACTIVE manner 5 or more times so that you can KNOW the Core Study Guide and the Q&A book inside and out.
      5. DID YOU MAKE THE CARDINAL MISTAKE? We all do it. We want to know everything and so we try to expose ourselves to EVERY possible disease, disorder, medication, and treatment option imaginable. So we go through MULTIPLE different study guides, or we decide to go through NELSON'S!!! It seems like a wonderful and noble idea, but it's one of the dumbest things that we do. I have done it. I am positive that YOU have done it in your medical career at some point. Trust me when I say that going through multiple study guides is a HORRIBLE idea, and you should know ONE book inside and out. That's it! I DO think it's okay to have other resources nearby in case you want to CLARIFY a single point of confusion, but then again… isn't that what Google and the PBR Facebook CREW are for?
      6. DID YOU TRY TO STUDY WITH AAP PREP QUESTIONS? I LOVE the PREP question series. But in my opinion they are only good for ONE thing – PRACTICE! They should NOT be used to study. Did you try to go through hundreds of questions and LEARN from them? Did you spend HOURS of time researching the finer points mentioned in the lengthy explanations provided by the AAP? If you did, you did it wrong, and you MUST read, “Why AAP PREP Questions Are NOT The Best Study Questions.” Again, find one EXCELLENT, TRUSTED, PROVEN, and MANAGEABLE resource to study from and then become obsessed with it!
      7. DID YOU PRACTICE YOUR TEST-TAKING SKILLS? When I first took the pediatric boards and failed, I only went through about 100 questions. That was a HUGE mistake. I have always thought that “if you understand a topic well, then you should be able to answer any question about that topic.” That's how I've approached board exams in the past, and fortunately I passed all them (until my initial certification exam). I then realized that standardized tests are FILLED with tricks, and that they are actually board GAMES. Board questions are NOT like tiny little patients, and your brain must be trained to read and evaluate these little puzzles and games in a systematic way. Board exams and board questions create a very artificial situation compared to the real world in which we practice, and you MUST be very well equipped to live inside that world for an entire day of test-taking. In order to do that, you must PRACTICE and perfect your test-taking technique by going through at least 3 years of PREP questions AND by taking at least 1 – 2 mock exams in order to simulate an entire day of testing. Did you do that? Did you feel comfortable with your abilities as a test-taker? Did you signup for PBR's free test-taking strategy session? If not, Click Here Now and Get Your Free Test-Taking Strategies Video Training Session.
      8. DID YOU IGNORE YOUR TROUBLED HISTORY WITH STANDARDIZED EXAMS? The 3 key ingredients to passing the pediatric boards include the right CONTENT, your COMMITMENT to the preparation process, and the right test-taking TECHNIQUE. Again, answering board-style questions is a SKILL. It's like doing a lumbar puncture. It requires preparation and PRACTICE. Unfortunately, it's a skill that we are never taught. Instead, we are led to believe that if we know the CONTENT, that's enough. Former award-winning pediatric chief residents often FAIL the boards because they simply lack the skill set to do well on standardized exams. Have you ever struggled with standardized tests? If so, you have a TECHNIQUE problem. You CANNOT ignore this problem. Studying longer and harder can only help so much. Fixing this problem is the VERY LOW HANGING FRUIT for you. By going through just the CORE CONCEPTS in Test-Taking Strategies Webinar, pediatricians have seen an increase in their scores almost IMMEDIATELY. There is NOTHING else you can do in just a few hours to increase your chances of passing the boards EXPONENTIALLY. Once this idea of having a STRATEGY and having a SYSTEMATIC approach to questions “clicks,” you will never view board-style questions the same way again. Take the opportunity to learn HOW to approach board-style questions NOW.
      9. DID YOU GO BARGAIN HUNTING?Bargain Hunting is WRONG thing to be doing for something that affects your FINANCIAL FUTURE!Were you one of those people who just couldn't part with your money? Even though you KNEW that a particular resource, tool or service would probably help you a little bit? I totally get it! As students and trainees, we were poor for a long time and we've learned to be extremely frugal. You've also gone through a grueling residency program and you think that your clinical knowledge should get you 90% of the way there. You're still feeling poor because of bills and loans. Now you have to pay for an exam that costs over $2300? Plus you have to pay for board review resources? I GET IT! But guess what? If you fail, the financial and emotional costs are HUGE (approximately $30,000 – $50,000 when you factor in 300-500 of hours of study that you could've used to work for $100/hour)! So get over it! This is NOT the time to go bargain hunting, and you should HAPPILY spend money in order to get added peace of mind, or to BUY back time through efficient, concise and GUIDED systems. All of this also ties into your COMMITMENT to the process of proper board preparation. Either commit to doing whatever it takes to pass the boards, or just SKIP it this year. I get a great deal of feedback from new PBR members who are just starting their board preparation. I like to ask them why they chose PBR. Many of them say it's because of the reasonable pricing structure. That is my LEAST FAVORITE answer. Making a decision about which board review material you're going to essentially marry for the next year is not a decision you should be making based on cost, so PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE PBR because it is affordable. You MUST seek out the resource that's going to be the BEST FIT for you and then grab it, caress it, kiss it, love it and know it inside and out. It does NOT matter how much the resources cost. Board preparation can COST you 300 – 500 hours of your life, and emotional turmoil, and family drama, and professional drama. How much is all of that worth to you? Again, at $100/hour, that comes out to $30,000 – $50,000 of your time. How much is YOUR time worth? If you fail, you'll also have to pay an additional $2300 to the American Board of Pediatrics. Plus, you'll probably have to take time off of work to study. Plus, you'll end up buying MORE study materials the following year. It's a HORRIBLE situation that affects your self-esteem, your personal relationships, your professional relationships, and it has the very real possibility of affecting your overall career as a physician. SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not go bargain hunting when it comes to such a major decision in your life. Remember, this is a ONE-TIME investment and not something that you are going to be paying for month after month. If it was a recurring fee, then finding the best deal would make sense. But it's NOT! So get the best help and support that you need from anyone and anywhere you can find it (board review materials, maids, babysitters, personal chefs, anything!) and do whatever you can to make this process as easy as possible. If you find resources that will support you in your efforts to pass the boards, GRAB them… and do so HAPPILY! You should feel ecstatic any time you can “buy back” time, efficiency or peace of mind. If you come across resources (or services) that will make your life easier, or your studying process more effective, GET THEM! DO NOT get caught up in the dollar signs. Focus instead on doing everything you can to pass your exam. Having a passing score is ESSENTIAL if you want to have a financially lucrative career in medicine. So please maximize your efficiency through an integrated SYSTEM right in front of you. Strip away all of your confusion and focus on one thing >> PASSING! I can't find you a babysitter, but I can offer you a SYSTEM that will give you more value than you could ever imagine.
      10. DID YOU IGNORE ME LAST YEAR? Well don't do it again. If you found that something in this article resonated with you, read it again… and again. In fact, set a reminder to read this ENTIRE article again on the first of every single month until you finally take the boards. DO NOT get lost in the challenges of life and work. Without a PASS on this exam, everything will suffer. Your self-esteem, career, family, time away from loved ones and your finances will all suffer, and your life can turn into a mess. Use this article as a reminder of what you SHOULD be doing and what you SHOULD NOT be doing.

The sooner you take the course, the more time you'll have to work with us to master the techniques needed to finally pass the boards.

I Failed, But I'm NO LONGER ELIGIBLE to Take My ABP Initial Certification Exam

If you completed your residency 7, or more, years ago and you are still NOT board-certified, then you are no longer eligible to take the exam. You must complete at least 6 months of supervised training at a residency program that's accredited by the ACGME in order to reinstate your eligibility for the exam.

      • Can I still practice? YES. At this time, I do not think that any state requires board certification for state licensure. Many HOSPITALS do require it, and many insurance companies are starting to require it. If, however, you are in private practice and making a good living, then the lack of board certification may not affect you (for now). So if that describes you, I would simply continue practicing and I would not worry about the board certification unless you KNOW that it will affect you soon. After all, if you are practicing and making six-figures, then does it really make sense for you to take time off to go back to residency?
      • Should I stop practicing and quit the field medicine? If the lack of board-certification is going to affect your income, and you're unwilling to go back to residency, then it might be time to look at alternative careers in medicine (e.g., teaching, working for an insurance company, working with companies focused on creating and improving electronic medical records, etc.).
      • What is the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Policy? What do I need to do to regain eligibility?
        • Here's the policy from the ABP site: “The supervised practice must involve direct patient care, with hands-on experience, in the environment of an ACGME (in the US) or an RCPSC (in Canada) accredited training program that offers a breadth of general pediatrics experience. The supervised practice must extend over a minimum of 6 months, but the required experiences as detailed below could be spread out over 12 months to accommodate personal needs.” You can read the full policy by clicking HERE. This means that if you can find a residency program director to supervise your work, you could attend your clinical duties in a residency environment for just 2-3 days per week over a 12-month period.
      • Which residency programs will accept me for the additional training that I need? You're going to HAVE TO CALL AROUND. The most successful pediatricians in your situation were fortunate enough to get a position with the residency program they originally graduated from. DEFINITELY start there!

I have looked through other areas of the ABP website for you (not an easy thing to do) and found that the following 4 pages area areas that you should become familiar with:


The Live Test-Taking Strategies Course is my favorite part of PBR. There are partial versions of the course that are available online, but there is nothing like the live, in-person course. In 2018 I hosted almost 100 pediatricians in Atlanta and taught them how to become test-taking experts. Having the opportunity to meet and teach PBR members in person was my greatest joy of 2018.

I also enjoyed taking the lessons from the live course and teaching them in a 3-hour “Crash Course on Test-Taking Strategies.” The feedback on the Crash Course on Test-Taking Strategies was remarkable. First-timers loved the course, and pediatricians that had attended the LIVE course even attended to have a refresher right before the exam.

The greatest EXCITEMENT for me came when I had the chance to connect with many PBR alumni attending the American Academy of Pediatrics conference. Having a chance to meet them AFTER they had passed was great. They were relaxed, excited to share their results with me and eager to help PBR find other pediatricians in need of support. For the members that had previously failed, it was truly like a weight had been lifted off of their shoulder. There were hugs and tears of joy and relief. It was amazing.


I don't want to promise anything, but here are the projects I have in mind…

  • A 2019 Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) Core Study Guide in Kindle version is going to be published in January!
  • FREE BOOKS FOR RESIDENTS! We've started various partnerships with residency programs. We've started the PBR Residency Reach Out (RRO) program and we're giving away FREE BOOKS to residents. Yup… not a 10% group discount like the other guys, but actually giving a 100% discount! So if you know of a residency program that could benefit from free Core Study Guides from PBR, click here now.
  • MORE LIVE STRATEGY COURSES! The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to learn Test-Taking Strategies through an in-person course. The results and the stories have been inspirational. Members make new “strategy” buddies, study buddies and they develop lasting friendships by going through a experience as a group! And again, I absolutely LOVE meeting my members and helping in person. I even get a little choked up at times because I truly find the experience to be the most rewarding part of my work.
  • + MORE… of course 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for sticking with me to learn more information than you ever wanted to know about the pediatric board exam results.

And if you ARE taking the boards in 2019, it's time to jump in. So what are you waiting for!?!



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2019 Pediatric Board Review Sneak Peek
Failed Pediatric Boards? Here’s A Study Schedule That Works!
2019 Pediatric Board Review Sneak Peek
Failed Pediatric Boards? Here’s A Study Schedule That Works!
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