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100 Pediatric Board Pictures – Free & Downloadable Guide

100 FREE High-Yield Images for the Boards!

2013 Image Links Corrections and Alternatives GuideKnowing how to identify pediatric board pictures is a must for a handful of questions on the pediatric boards. PBR has done something extremely unique in order to allow for an efficient review of almost 500 high-yield pediatric pictures (and counting). Instead of forcing you to rely on carrying a Zitteli atlas everywhere you go, links to amazing images throughout the web can be found in the Pediatrics Board Review Core Study Guide. For those of you using your phones or tablets for review, it's almost like “virtual” pediatric atlas.

Click… Review… Close tab… Move on!I  LOVE it!

One of the downsides of this system is that the images are not hosted on the PBR site for copyright reasons. So, if one of these external websites goes out of business, changes its structure, starts a membership-based platform, or gets hacked by an online ninja hacker group (yes… this actually happened), those links stop providing value. I usually expect this to happen at a rate of 10% per 12 months. Therefor, PBR links are all reviewed on an annual basis for each new PBR edition.

I usually do my annual review of all the links AFTER the boards (in November) before releasing a new edition of the PBR. I expect ~ 10% of the links to be broken or unusable at that time. This year (2013), that percentage was closer to 12% because of that ninja attack, so I thought I'd try something different.

A New Tradition? Thanks WN & JH!

Because the percentage of dysfunctional links was slightly higher this year, I decided to do the review process BEFORE the exam. I asked for some help from PBR members, and a small group said “no problem.” It was a VERY small group of 2 (WN, JH), and to them I extend my sincere thanks and have already sent them something special by email.

It still took me about 2 days to go through all the links and look for additional replacement links (based on size, context of image, quality, URL length, quality of the source website, etc), but if I'm able to get such help in the future, I may actually be able to provide replacement links every year and do so PRIOR to the pediatric initial certification board exam.

A Request

Ashish Begging and Pleading, but is that really his belly?I really hope that the majority of you don't mind my saying this… but I beg of you… please do not email me asking for a direct download link, or for an email copy of the 100 image links for free. Free copies were only given to WN and JH for their help, and to those PBR members who registered their PBR products within 90 days of purchase between 11/2012 and 10/2013.

While creating resources like the one below is a joy of mine, the emails asking for support can be a bit overwhelming and result in decreased productivity on my end. To limit such emails, I've created LIKE or PAY options.

I view these as stand alone products, gifts, gold mine, etc. I obviously give away tons of time by email and by creating valuable PBR articles, but for resources that go beyond the realm of “advice,” I feel very comfortable asking for either a quick Facebook LIKE, or for a nominal fee. This product in particular took 3 full working days of my time to create (finding all broken links, consolidating, getting help, sorting through help, finding undone replacements and additional alternate links, this article, etc.), so I don't mind asking for something in return.

Some of the reasons I get emails are as follows:

  1. Someone doesn't have a Facebook account
  2. Someone doesn't want to LIKE the page for personal or professional reasons
  3. Someone LIKES the page but still can't seem to download the file
  4. Someone feels they were supposed to get it for free

If one of these describes your situation, I hope you will simply click the blue button below and pay a very nominal fee to get access to something that took me 3 days to create.

My 100 Image Alternates In Clickable PDF Format!

The ABP typically presents “classic” examples of pediatric board pictures on the exam. I try to do the same through PBR links. This year, there were about 50 broken links out of the 450-500 links in the PBR.

With help from WN and JH, I found at least 1 replacement for each of the broken links. For some topics, I've even found up to 3 replacement images for you to view. All you have to do gain access to a PDF version of the spreadsheet is click the LIKE button below:

Having Trouble? Prefer NOT to LIKE it? No Problem!

Troubleshooting – If you clicked LIKE and are having trouble:

  • Try refreshing the page
  • Try to update your browser
  • Try a different browser

Can't LIKE, or Don't Want To LIKE? – If you don't have a Facebook account, or you don't want to use your Facebook account… no problem! Just click the button below to get 30 hours of my work in exchange for a small fee.

2013 Image Links Corrections and Alternatives Guide


I really hope you enjoy this and it helps you identify some pediatric board pictures. If you do, I'd love to get an email (or a comment below) letting me know what specifically you enjoyed the most.

As an FYI… this may or may not become an annual tradition for PBR. Time will tell. I'm also considering putting together a more complete resource that would include ALL PBR LINKS. So, in the future it may be possible for pediatricians to purchase a downloadable spreadsheet or PDF that could essentially serve as a “virtual atlas” of sorts. Or, the resource may simply become a part of the PBR Ultimate Bundle Pack starting in late 2013 or early 2014. To check if it's already available, you can always visit the STUDY GUIDES page.

Did you find this helpful? I would LOVE to get your thoughts below!

Ashish Goyal, M.D.

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theodore sample -

Currently in practice and will take recertification examination this year. Started PBR last summer. A few questions: (1) I purchased PBR and registered ~May 2013, do I have access to the “100 free images” or should I just purchase it for the nominal $10. (2) How long will I be able to access PBR online? (3) What is the benifit of “upgrading” my membership? thanks.

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

The Theodore,

1. For the free images, all you have to do is login to Facebook, visit the following page, and click LIKE. You should then be able to download the 100 images:

2. You have access to PBR Online for a full year after your purchase. Discounted renewals are available while your membership is active at:

3. Upgrade benefits: I’m not sure I’ll always offer a PBR FOR LIFE! membership, but if you upgrade to PBR FOR LIFE! then you’ll have online access to PBR and the Q&A book for LIFE. You’ll also get 50% off of any new editions of the HARDCOPY books. So once per year you can get the latest edition of the PBR books.

Hope that helps!
– Ashish


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