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BoardVitals Pediatric Board Review Questions – Discount code

BoardVitals pediatric board review questions are now available through PBR at discounts or for FREE!

PBR Has Partnerships That Will SAVE YOU MONEY!

BoardVitals Pediatric Board Review Questions LogoThrough Pediatrics Board Review, you can now get access to over >1250 pediatric board review questions at a discounted rate! BoardVitals is now a PBR affiliate and we are working together to provide you with study resources that you have asked for. Soon, PBR will also be able to help you with discounts on Exam Master pediatrics questions as well. Unfortunately, the AAP is not interested in working with PBR to help you on pricing.

In term of PBR's own board review questions, they are admittedly limited in number. BUT, I consider them to be CORE material that should be reviewed multiple times and not simply be used once for practice.

So, that means you still need at least 700 questions to use for PRACTICE. The American Academy of Pediatrics PREP® questions are often considered the “gold standard” for preparation, but they are not cheap and I would argue that their questions are not ideal in many ways. For example, feedback from many pediatricians suggests that the questions may be too difficult and lengthy as compared to the American Board of Pediatrics questions.

I do still recommend AAP PREP® questions because they are of good quality and that is the primary resource that I used when practicing my test-taking techniques, BUT they are far from perfect. I discuss some of their problems in detail in the PBR article called, “Why AAP PREP Questions Are NOT The Best Study Questions.” The biggest issues are that the AAP is NOT the ABP, and AAP PREP® Questions are for pediatric Continuing Medical Education (CME) and not created with the purpose of BOARD study.

Advantages of BoardVitals Pediatrics over AAP PREP Questions

Advantages and Disadvantages of PREP vs BoardVitalsI've looked over some of the BoardVitals materials and I like them. I have not gone through all of them, so I hesitate to put forward a “strong” recommendation over AAP PREP® questions. BUT, they do seem to have several advantages:

  • They are much more affordable than PREP® questions. PREP® questions could cost you $600-$800 if you want 3 years of questions (about 750 questions) but you are not a member of the AAP. Through the PBR discount codes below, you can get >1000 BoardVitals questions at a fraction of the price. You can even get 2 weeks of access to >1000 free pediatric board review questions (more details below).
  • The user interface is much more friendly than the AAP's. With PREP®, I never liked being forced to have the CD in my disk drive, or needing to install such a large program on my computer. I also found it difficult to navigate the online Pedialink area. I think BoardVitals gives you more of the Prometric test center feel.
  • The answers are much more concise. One of my biggest issues with pediatric board review questions and study guides is that they are often TOO detailed. This leads pediatricians down the path never-ending branches of additional information to look up, instead of just understanding why the answer was correct, and why their incorrect answer were incorrect… and then MOVING ON! The AAP PREP questions are definitely guilty of having extremely long answers. I think if you are studying for continuing medical education, that's great… but for board review, you want EFFICIENCY. I think BoardVitals questions do a better job of this.

Disadvantages of BoardVitals Pediatrics over AAP PREP Questions

  • I think the biggest disadvantage might be that they are simply a newer company. I'm sure that means that there will some kinks that need to be ironed out. Based on LENGTHY discussions in PBR's Facebook CREW area, it seems there were some questions where you answer it correctly, the explanation is correct and supports your correct answer… but for some reason the question is marked as “incorrect.” I talked to BoardVitals and they said it was due to a data entry error and most (if not all) of those errors have been addressed.

As far as content, images and validity are concerned, I have not yet heard of any major complaints.

Board Vitals HAS given PBR exclusive discount codes that will give you 15% off of ANY of their pediatric question bank packages.

Exclusive BoardVitals Discount Code List For PBR

The exclusive discount code you can use on the BoardVitals site is PBR15. You'll get >1250 BoardVitals pediatric board review questions and plenty of time to practice your test-taking techniques, like the ones I share in a PBR article called “Pediatric Board Questions – 3 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Score!

To use the code:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the question bank duration you would like to signup for
  3. Fill our your personal information and write Ashish Goyal or PBR in the referral box
  4. When checking out, enter your discount code (PBR15) to get 15% off.

That's it!

Q&A Questions and Answers

I'd like to send out a “thank you” to BoardVitals. Also, as a thanks from you I'd like to request that if you come across ANY glitches or errors, that you hit their feedback link and let them know.

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I've received some questions about BoardVitals, AAP PREP®, MedStudy® as well as Exam Master. In general, pediatricians have been asking me which resource is best, and what to do about questions that relate to topics are NOT in the PBR. I thought I'd sum up my thoughts below:


I can't give a strong recommendation of one over the other when it comes to BoardVitals and Exam Master. I think both are good resources for practicing test-taking techniques and refreshing your brain on board-relevant topics.
For MedStudy® pediatric questions, I'm a bit torn. I really like MedStudy® pediatrics study guides as reference sources, but for me the series was too dense to use as a primary resource. The answers to their questions can be a bit lengthy, BUT I believe their questions are more focused on board-relevant content.
Going through 3 years of PREP® is also likely to give you more board-relevant content, but it's really more of a CME (Continuing Medical Education) product than a board-review product.


I wouldn't STRESS about those questions. My approach to any questions that address topics that are not covered in my books would be to do the following:
    • Read the question
    • Based on your knowledge and good test-taking techniques, eliminate as many answers as you possibly can
    • Pick an answer
    • Move on within 75 seconds
    • During the review, read the explanation of the correct answer and the answer you chose and MOVE ON
    • Do NOT try to memorize new facts
There WILL be questions on the boards that are completely foreign to you. You should get into the habit of NOT allowing those questions to shake your confidence, and forcing yourself to limit your time to 75 seconds per question.
Remember, until someone has the insight to create a question bank that is SPECIFICALLY meant to encompass everything you need to know for the boards, questions should always be treated as a random assortment of hit or miss topics that may or MAY NOT be high-yield for the boards. That's why I always say that questions are for practice, PBR is for your knowledgebase.
Ashish Goyal, M.D.

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bilal -

pls send me some sample of board questions

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Bilal,

BoardVitals doesn’t seem to have any free sample questions… BUT, I’ll see what I can do. If I can get some questions for you, I’ll do so and make it available to everyone else as well.

– Ashish

Deanna -

Do you think these questions are good for recertification also?

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Deanna,

I do think these would be helpful for the recert exam. My one concern would be around the fact that I’m sure many of the questions are more detailed and subspecialty based. For the recertification exam, most of the questions focus on general pediatrics rather than subspecialty information. Having said that, that is a problem that you will find with ALL board review type questions.

So, I’d say this is as good as any other source.

The cornerstone of your preparation, though, should be a good primary study resource.

– Ashish

shehnaz jacob -


i have subscribed to the bundle package .Do I get access to board vital questions .
how do I get acess tothe 1000 questions that you talked about .I thought if you sign up with PBR , you can get acess to those questions

Maria -

Hi, I entered the code PBR5, it doesn’t work

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Shehnaz,

BoardVitals is a completely separate company with their own question bank of 1200 questions.

I’ve simply tried to get you the best deals by negotiating discounts for you and other PBR members. May I ask why you thought BoardVitals was a part of PBR? If you feel something on the website is confusing, I’d like to review and address it.


Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Maria,

I just checked and the PBR5 code does work. You can only use it on the 30 day subscription. Let me know if you have other problems.

– AG

Thomas L. -

BoardVitals is a really solid question bank… it’s a lot of content, though, so give yourself enough time!

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Thomas, I’d agree that it’s a solid question bank. As for the content, as with most pediatric board review question banks, I’d suggest that you use them for PRACTICE more than content review. For content review, focus on a primary study resource that you trust.

Anjum -

Hi Ashish it seems that board vitals questions are only for the initial exam, but exam master has a separate set of questions for the pediatric recertification/MOC exam, is this correct? Since I am doing my recertification, I feel like it would be silly to go thru board vitals even though they are much cheaper for the 3 mos period than exam master

Ashish Goyal, M.D. -

Hi Anjum!

If I’m not mistaken, the EM questions are actually the same for both packages (initial vs recert). I’d suggest that you check with them to see if there’s a difference.

– Ashish


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