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Can I Improve Pediatrics In-Training Exam Scores For Myself? Or For My Program?

Have you heard? The initial certification exam for the pediatric boards was LAST WEEK! I performed a survey afterwards because I wanted to know how well my Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) system prepared PBR members for the exam. I also wanted to know how to better prepare pediatricians and pediatric residents for the boards.


PBR Gets 100% SatisfactionWhile I did get some great “feedback” on how I can make the PBR system even better, check out these stats:

  • 100% of the respondents were happy to have found PBR.
  • 0% said they wished they had used something else.


Almost 50% of the respondents commented on how they wish they had the PBR available to them during their residency training. There was a ton of great discussion between the members of the PBR community and myself about how things could have been different, and should be different, when it comes to preparing for this brutal exam.

One of the most prevent themes was the lack of early Click Here And Continue Reading…

Pediatric Board Exam Time Per Question, Number of Blocks & More

The Ins & Outs of TEST DAY!

As the pediatric board exam nears, I'm often asked the following questions:

  • Pediatric board exam time per question and pacing is something I struggle with. Can you help?
  • How many questions are on the pediatrics board exam?
  • What is the number of sections for the American Board of Pediatrics INITIAL board certification exam?

The information on the American Board of pediatrics website is a little confusing, so I've tried to clarify some things below. I try to address some of the more key information you will need on test day. In this article I'll talk specifically about the INITIAL pediatric board certification exam. You'll learn:

  • How many sections are administered for the initial certification exam
  • How many questions are on the peds exam
  • How many questions you can expect to see in each section
  • How much time per question to allot

The break up for the ABP Click Here And Continue Reading…

Is PBR’S Board Prep Coaching Course Really Hitting 100%?

At 4 PM EST on 7/18/12, PBR's Board Prep Coaching program went LIVE!

20 slots were allotted by PBR's Coach. 10 on 7/17 for PBR members and 10 on 7/18 for the general public. In total, 24 slots were somehow filled due to the massive demand and the course sold out within hours.

People were frantic to learn how PBR's Coaching Program can boost their chances of
passing to > 90%!

The “Coaching” goes way beyond the content. Coaching methods help you quickly dissect questions so that you’re left with the correct answer, even when you don’t have a handle on the content! We also teach you how to leave your hang-ups (fear, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, palpitations) at the door so that they don’t interfere with your performance.

The Coach was a medical board exam preparation genius who had been doing this for decades, and now her one-on-one courses are being made to members of the PBR community.  UPDATE: PBR COACHING has gone fully digital and purely online.


“It is really important to do everything she says… I took
that exam more times than Click Here And Continue Reading…

Should I Be Reading Pediatrics In Review?

What is Pediatrics In Review?

Pediatrics In Review is a journal created by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). It's also sometimes called Peds In Review. The primary purpose of the journal is to provide monthly articles to pediatricians. Pediatricians can then request Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit after completing the self-assessment. It is part of the PREP curriculum. Some of the articles in the Pediatrics In Review journal include:

  • Back to Basics: About basic sciences
  • Consultation with the Specialist: Discussions with pediatric subspecialists)
  • What's New: Up and coming in the world of pediatrics
  • Index of Suspicion: Unusual presentations of diseases are presented and you are given an opportunity to come up with the diagnosis
  • Visual Diagnosis: Articles and images are presented for you to review and come up with a diagnosis
Pediatrics In Review

Should I Use Pediatrics In Review for Board Studying?

The definite answer is Click Here And Continue Reading…

What Is An RSS Blog Feed? How Do I Get Instant PBR Updates?

This is an RSS button

If you love a website and the site happens to have an RSS feed, like this one, you can get instant access to any new posts. This does not mean you'll get spammed, or that you'll see every single comment that someone posts on the site. It simply means that when a new blog post is posted, you'll have access to it.
Here's are two easy ways to get instant access to an RSS feed:
  • EMAIL DELIVERY: Visit, type in the address of the feed (, type in your email address and then check your inbox to confirm you really want the feed. Once you confirm, you'll be shown two feeds that you can subscribe to. Choose ““. That's it! Blog Trottr is great because it's simple, automated, and lets you subscribe for free. If there's a new post, you'll get it! Love it!
  • GOOGLE READER: This is more complicated and requires you to go and check your feeds when you're bored. It's kind of like having access to an endless message board. You have to create a Google account to use this service. Login to your Google account and then visit Then click on SUBSCRIBE and type in the name of the website you are interested in adding to your Google Feed Reader. Or, if you have the RSS feed address (e.g., or, just type it in and hit SUBSCRIBE. That's it! You can then come back to your Google Reader account as often as you want to see what's new. I think this is great if you are going to be good about coming back to see what's new. For me, it kind of feels like I've created a stack of magazines and journal articles that “I'll get to eventually,” so it's not my preferred option.
Since I post new material almost every 1-2 weeks, I'd highly recommend using one of the above options to stay up to date with PBR.
Hope that helps!
– Ashish