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What Is An RSS Blog Feed? How Do I Get Instant PBR Updates?

This is an RSS button

If you love a website and the site happens to have an RSS feed, like this one, you can get instant access to any new posts. This does not mean you'll get spammed, or that you'll see every single comment that someone posts on the site. It simply means that when a new blog post is posted, you'll have access to it.
Here's are two easy ways to get instant access to an RSS feed:
  • EMAIL DELIVERY: Visit http://blogtrottr.com, type in the address of the feed (www.pediatricsboardreview.com), type in your email address and then check your inbox to confirm you really want the feed. Once you confirm, you'll be shown two feeds that you can subscribe to. Choose “www.pediatricsboardreview.com/feed“. That's it! Blog Trottr is great because it's simple, automated, and lets you subscribe for free. If there's a new post, you'll get it! Love it!
  • GOOGLE READER: This is more complicated and requires you to go and check your feeds when you're bored. It's kind of like having access to an endless message board. You have to create a Google account to use this service. Login to your Google account and then visit http://www.google.com/reader. Then click on SUBSCRIBE and type in the name of the website you are interested in adding to your Google Feed Reader. Or, if you have the RSS feed address (e.g., http://www.pediatricsboardreview.com/feed or http://feeds.feedburner.com/pediatricsboardreview), just type it in and hit SUBSCRIBE. That's it! You can then come back to your Google Reader account as often as you want to see what's new. I think this is great if you are going to be good about coming back to see what's new. For me, it kind of feels like I've created a stack of magazines and journal articles that “I'll get to eventually,” so it's not my preferred option.
Since I post new material almost every 1-2 weeks, I'd highly recommend using one of the above options to stay up to date with PBR.
Hope that helps!
– Ashish

Pediatrics Board Review: A Resource for Pediatric Residents and Pediatricians

  • Are you a pediatric resident?
  • Are you a pediatrician?
  • Have you failed the pediatric boards?

I've really been surprised at how many orders have been placed from pediatricians in the United Kingdom (UK) and Asia.

But, who is PBR written for? Well, the goal for PBR is to help anyone studying for their pediatric boards. It's a course written for pediatric residents and new pediatricians who are going to be taking the American Board of Pediatrics Initial Certification Exam.

  • ARE YOU A PEDIATRICS RESIDENT? I firmly believe that PBR would have saved me hundreds of hours of grief during my peds residency. It also could have helped me do well on my in-service exams so that I wouldn't have to have the walk of shame out of my program director's office each year. It's concise, includes tons of memory aids, exam pearls and it covers the highest yield information you'll be expected to know for the boards, and in residency. I wish I had it as an intern, so I've made sure that even pediatric interns can benefit from the 100% money back pass guarantee. Buy it now, use it in residency, and take your boards. Even if you're in a combined program, take your exam within 5 years of purchasing the study guide I'll still guarantee that you will PASS on the ABP exam for 5 years. The longer you have a good study guide, the more familiar you'll be with it, and so of course you will pass!

Welcome to Pediatrics Board Review!

Ashish Goyal, MDHi! My name is Ashish Goyal, and I'm really excited to work with you as you prepare to pass the initial certification exam given by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). I created Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) to do one thing… help pediatricians and pediatric residents pass the boards on their FIRST try. PBR is a blog, a study guide, a social media study tool, and best of all, it's a community that you rely on for all of your pediatric questions.

I've heard so many stories about pediatricians failing the boards up to 3 times, and it's horrifying. THERE'S NO REASON THE AVERAGE PEDIATRICIAN CAN'T PASS! Trust me… I didn't do so well the first time, but I'm an average guy with an average brain, and I ended up passing the pediatric boards by  130 points.  Click Here And Continue Reading…

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