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The Pediatric Boards Pass Rate Could be 100% This Year!

I Know You Don't Believe It, But It's TRUE!

The pediatric boards pass rate had been horrendous for years. BUT, after a very long time, the the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) finally decided to make some long-needed changes in 2012. In the prior years, your grade was essentially determined based on a curve. The curve was meant to ensure that 20-25% of first-time test takers failed the pediatric boards resulting in a pediatric boards pass rate of about 75 – 80%. So, your chances of succes were determined by the mix of your peers. If your peers were smarter than you, that meant you were more likely to fail!

The ABP's New Way of Grading

Now, they have a new way of grading the initial certification exam. They finally decided to pass you the same way you were graded in elementary school. If you get more than a certain number of questions correct, you pass! That's it!

Based on my discussions with the American Board of Pediatrics, the number of questions you'll need to answer correctly will be somewhere in the range of 70 to 75%. They told me in 2012 that these changes would still result in a similar overall pass rate of 75 – 80% for first-time test-takers, but in reality, it did NOT! The pass rate in 2012 was staggering 86%! And it is now FINALLY possible for every single test-taker to pass the boards as long as at least 75% of the questions are answered correctly.

These changes had truly been a long time coming, but kudos to the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) for finally making this change. Much of has to do with policy set forth by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), but who really cares about the politics as long as it's more FAIR and EASIER to pass.

About 50% of the PBR customers come here looking for a solution because they have previously failed the pediatric boards by using other study materials. It's been heartbreaking, but with these new changes I'm hopeful that we'll consistently see much higher pass rates for pediatricians going forward, AND the phenomenon of MULTIPLE failures by the same pediatrician will be a thing of the past.

For now, if you make sure you're using the best pediatric board review book around and follow the instructions to the letter then you should do great!

Hmm… You know, the more I think about it, it's possible that 2013 is the best year to take the pediatric boards in a very long time.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think the new system or the old system is better/fair? Would love to know so post a reply below!

UPDATE: To see read more about what ended up happening in 2012, click here to read “American Board of Pediatrics’ Pass Rates Revealed!”

Ashish Goyal, M.D.

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Dr. D. -

I have failed the ABP exam three times. It’s not necessary to comment on the emotional, psychological, and financial toll it has taken. I just hope your statement above is true. Mind boggling how many repeat PEDS test takers there are compared to other specialties. Unfortunately I have come to hear about Coach Peggy in the last round. Wish me best of luck and alignment in the stars to pass this test finally.

Ashish -

Hi Dr. D. Thanks for the comment. Having had a failed pediatric boards experience one time myself, I completely understand the emotional toll you’ve mentioned, and it is most definitely shocking how many people fail the peds boards. The failure rate of 20-25% seems high enough to begin with, but I wonder what it is for repeat test takers? As for Coach Peggy’s course, if this truly is your last time taking the boards I think you should take it. I know time can be an issue, but it’s possible that Peggy and I could even work out a 1-day crash course option. Regardless, thanks for the comment and best of luck next month.

Greg Garrison -

To whom it may concern, I have failed the boards twice and devastation does not adequately describe the impact. I am 54, I have been in practice 15 years, I have never had a law suit, I am well respected, I see 30 to 40 patients a day and manage 2 other Pediatricians and a Nurse Practioner and manage and own a successful practice but I am not board certified. At this point I am completely frozen, I don’t know how to find the time or energy to study and prepare for the boards and continue seeing the patients and managing the practice. And now the ABP is threatening me with residency remediation. I am frozen and feel helpless. I don’t expect a response, I will continue dealing with this myself.

Ashish -

Hi Greg. I understand how difficult this must be for you. I guess the one thing that I would say is that while board certification is something that you have not attained yet, you ARE running a successful practice. In order to continue running the practice, you DO NOT need to be board certified at this time. While it’s possible that your state, or even some insurance companies, might change this rule in the future… for now the addition of ABP board certification will not help you in any way if you are only dealing with an outpatient practice.

When/if the time comes for you to take the boards, I hope my website will be of some guidance to you.

– AG

Greg Garrison -

Thank you Ashish for understanding and appreciating the difficult situation I am in. I still remain uncertain what to do and depressed that I see no way out. Thanks again, Greg

Ashish -

For many people, the following gives them a great deal of hope and renewed energy:

Unfortunately, the next available slot is not until June, and I’d recommend that you start finding some energy to start studying sooner than that.


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