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Improving In-Training Exam Scores: Tips #1 & 2 – Start Early & Work Smart!

Can You Really Improve ITE Scores?

In the PBR article calledCan I Improve Pediatrics In-Training Exam Scores For Myself? Or For My Program?”  I released survey results from recent test-takers who took their pediatric boards in October. It was clear that the lack of “early board-focused preparation during residency” is a prevalent theme across pediatric residency programs across the country. While residents can hope that their program will do a good job of preparing them for the boards, residents can’t really expect this unless there’s a proven track record within the institution for success on the boards.

Keeping that in mind, I’m now writing a series of articles about how residents can take matters into their own hands to increase their residency in-training exam scores and potentially their chances of passing the boards as well.

Let’s start with 2 very important questions. Then, I'll give you 2 very simple recommendations that could set you on the right path starting NOW towards studying for the pediatric in-service exam and ultimately PASSING the pediatric boards!


According to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, the answer is YES! The study revealed that Click Here And Continue Reading…

Can I Improve Pediatrics In-Training Exam Scores For Myself? Or For My Program?

Have you heard? The initial certification exam for the pediatric boards was LAST WEEK! I performed a survey afterwards because I wanted to know how well my Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) system prepared PBR members for the exam. I also wanted to know how to better prepare pediatricians and pediatric residents for the boards.


PBR Gets 100% SatisfactionWhile I did get some great “feedback” on how I can make the PBR system even better, check out these stats:

  • 100% of the respondents were happy to have found PBR.
  • 0% said they wished they had used something else.


Almost 50% of the respondents commented on how they wish they had the PBR available to them during their residency training. There was a ton of great discussion between the members of the PBR community and myself about how things could have been different, and should be different, when it comes to preparing for this brutal exam.

One of the most prevent themes was the lack of early Click Here And Continue Reading…

Pediatric Board Exam Time Per Question, Number of Blocks & More

The Ins & Outs of TEST DAY!

As the pediatric board exam nears, I'm often asked the following questions:

  • Pediatric board exam time per question and pacing is something I struggle with. Can you help?
  • How many questions are on the pediatrics board exam?
  • What is the number of sections for the American Board of Pediatrics INITIAL board certification exam?

The information on the American Board of pediatrics website is a little confusing, so I've tried to clarify some things below. I try to address some of the more key information you will need on test day. In this article I'll talk specifically about the INITIAL pediatric board certification exam. You'll learn:

  • How many sections are administered for the initial certification exam
  • How many questions are on the peds exam
  • How many questions you can expect to see in each section
  • How much time per question to allot

The break up for the ABP Click Here And Continue Reading…

PBR 2012 Corrections and Clarifications

The 2012 PBR Corrections Are Here!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this 25 page booklet of corrections and clarifications to the PBR core study guide and the Q and A book. It’s being released just in time for the exam. I’ve been so pleased with everyone's wonderful contributions that I’m making this available to everyone (not just the Bundle Pack members). All you have to do is hit the Facebook LIKE button below. After you LIKE it, you’ll see a link that gives you instant access to the 25-page PDF (Sorry! As of Sept. 2014, the LIKE software no longer works… so I'm now just giving it away! Just click on the image to download the guide. It would be GREAT if you could visit and give it a LIKE).

PBR 2012 Corrections and Clarifications

[pwal id=”81021315″ description=”Click the “Like” Button Now to Say THANKS!!”] Download Now!

For those of you who do not have a Facebook account, or for those of you who would like to take part in the PBR forum, simply visit the PBR forum and go through the various sections to see corrections, clarifications and some phenomenal info from the PBR community.

American Board of Pediatrics Exam Scoring Changes

I've received a tremendous number of questions about what the American Board of Pediatrics 2012 scoring changes might mean for this year's exam.

Are YOU Familiar With the Changes?

Before we get into my thoughts, let's recap the old scoring system and quickly go over the new scoring system.


SCORE RANGE: 0 – 800


SCORE RANGE: 0 – 300

So what does this mean for you? Click Here And Continue Reading…

For the Pediatric Board Exam, 2012 Might Be the Best Year Ever!

So the keyword is MIGHT, but I'm hopeful that it WILL be the best year to take the board exams in a very long time. The American Board of pediatrics has changed the way it grades and passes it's test-takers. From now on, it seems that as long as you correctly answer at least 70-75% of the exam questions, you will pass. This will be the first year but the American Board of pediatrics is trying this out. Many other specialty board exams have been using the system for very long time.

So what does this mean for you? Well, given that there is so much on the line this year for the American Board of Pediatrics (e.g., ABP scoring changes, grading changes, new computerized tests, etc.), I believe Click Here And Continue Reading…