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Pediatric Board Review Course 2012

Pediatric Board Review Course 2012

The most efficient study guide in the world of pediatrics just got better. In 2011, the name changed to Pediatrics Board Review: Mnemonics, Free Board Review Questions and A First-Time Pass Guarantee! In 2012, the best pediatric board review course had a major revision.

The feedback has been amazing from 2011 test takers of the initial certification exam, as well as  2011 and 2012 test takers of the Maintenance of Certification exam (MOC exam) for the American Board of Pediatrics. Just check out the testimonials.

The content in the PBR is the most efficient and targeted material available, but without being overwhelming.

Here are some of the great features that no other pediatrics review site has:

  • EVERYWHERE LEARNING: The pediatrics board review course is one that's available virtually everywhere. You can read it at home, on a train, at work on your your computer, and soon you'll be able to view 100% of the online content on your iPad or mobile phone.
  • INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS: It's shocking how many pediatricians have failed the pediatric boards. A failed pediatric boards attempt can be demoralizing. Unfortunately, some people have failed 9 times! Whether you've failed multiple times or this is your first time taking the pediatric board exam, Ashish's TEST-TAKING Strategies & PBR Coaching Secrets is an innovative course in medical board test-taking that isn't offered through ANY other pediatric board review course. Answering medical board questions is a skill. If you're not proficient in it, you WILL fail over and over again. Ashish's TEST-TAKING Strategies & PBR Coaching Secrets Course teaches you a new method of answering board questions. Give in and your score will sky rocket –
  • FREE STUFF: If you look over to the right, you'll seen an opportunity to signup for multiple free chapters from the PBR cores study guide. No charge. Take it for a test drive. If you like the material and see how it can boost your learning potential while saving you time during your studies, buy the Bundle Pack. If not, keep the free chapters.
  • PBR BLOG: Frequent new content to help guide pediatricians taking the board exams. You'll learn how to beat the American Board of Pediatrics and get your certification the first time. If you've already taken the boards, you can look forward to getting some topic reviews that are great no matter when you'll be taking your next pediatric board exam.
  • MNEMONIC TOOLS: I've been keeping a secret list of websites that helped me create some of my best mnemonics. I'm finally sharing them with you. I also hope to create some posts that help YOU learn effective techniques to create your own memory aids.
  • SEARCH BOX: The online book and Q&A section is functional, but a newer and better online Pediatrics Board Review (PBR) experience is just around the corner. Soon you'll be able to simply type in a search term (kind of like UpToDate) and get instant results for ANY word or topic in the entire study guide.
  • RSS FEED: I know it sounds complicated, but I think I've figured it out. You can now get all the new posts without doing a thing. Set it and forget it. Learn how at

As always, got questions? Shoot me an email at to join the best pediatric board review course available? Click here to get the best pediatric study guides available:– Ashish

Ashish Goyal, M.D.

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